THE FINAL: Newcastle’s BNOC of the year

You want to be all of them

You have three days. I repeat three days to vote for the biggest competition of 2017. With over 4,000 votes here is the final of BNOC of the year.

Get voting peeps.

Joey Li

Stats: Group 1, first place, 353 votes

Studies: Media and Communications, second year

From: Hong Kong

Reason for being a big name: Enactus fundraiser and event organiser

“Joey Li Is known by all. When she’s not busy organising live music nights for charity, she’s promoting for Future Funk, or posting on the Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange. There here isn’t anyone who has more of an adequate lady-boy name than Joey Crystal Li.”

Carl Coldier-Henriques

On the left

On the left

Stats: Group 1, second place, 323 votes

Studies: Languages and Accounting, second year

From: Monaco

Reasons for being a big name: Promoter

“Firstly, known around Newcastle as a Harry Styles lookalike. Frequently seen strutting around in posh shoes flicking his hair with his shirt undone. Waikiki promoter, lady-killer and fluent in four different languages.”

Anna Conway

Stats: Group 2, first place, 654 votes

Studies: Geography and Planning, first year

From: Clapham

Reasons for being a big name: Leazes

“Queen of Castle Leazes.”

Jordan Scudder

Stats: Group 2, second place, 457 votes

Studies: Electrical Engineering, third year

From: London

Reason for being a big name: RAG/Shocksoc

“Everyone in third year knows or has heard of him. President of Shocksoc, Secretary of Triathlon, Society Liaison officer for RAG, Freshers’ Week supervisor, hosted Take Me Out and the RAG fashion show. Heavily involved in the Student Union. Organised the first Newcastle University’s robot wars. Balances an incredibly active social life and his degree. Great guy all round.”

Jack Gummerson

Stats: Group 3, first place, 311 votes

Studies: Economics, second year

From: Wigan

Reasons for being a big name: Londis

“Jack (Londis boy) is regularly seen stacking shelves and serving freshers in the Londis next to Castle Leazes. Using his Wigan charm he has managed on occasion to seduce several customers and is well known to all those who enter. Also seen frequenting Osborne Road bars and waltzing the streets of Jesmond, ‘Gummy’ often enjoys wide success in his romantic endeavours.”

Elliot Lewis

Stats: Group 3, second place, 254 votes

Studies: Urban Planning, third year

From: London

Reasons for being a big name: The Tab

“I don’t know if you know, but he used to edit The Tab Newcastle. Walks world famous dog Della to Waitrose on a regular basis. Regularly gets free drinks wherever he goes, and is a mainstay at Soho Rooms. Can be identified in the Robbo by his blonde beacon of hair. A true friend to all.”