BNOC of the Year: Group 2

Don’t you just want to be them?

Three groups of nominations will fight it out for your votes to be crowned Newcastle’s biggest name on campus. From society presidents to socialites to promoters, here are a few of the biggest names on campus.

Group 1 has been and gone, so here’s Round 2:

Jordan Scudder

Studies: Electrical Engineering, third year

From: London

Reason for being a big name: RAG/Shocksoc

“Everyone in third year knows or has heard of him. President of Shocksoc, Secretary of Triathlon, Society Liaison officer for RAG, Freshers’ Week supervisor, hosted Take Me Out and the RAG fashion show. Heavily involved in the Student Union. Organised the first Newcastle University’s robot wars. Balances an incredibly active social life and his degree. Great guy all round.”


Saffron Kershaw-Mee

Studies: English Literature and Media, third year

From: Wakefield

Reason for being a big name: Promoting gender rights

“Voted the Most Influential Person in Newcastle, from being a PTO, campaigner, on the committee of multiple societies and being shortlisted for national awards for their presenting work on NUTV. As well as wider media recognition, appearing on BBC Three, BBC Radio Newcastle and The Chronicle.”


Olly Lyons

Studies: History, third year

From: Peterborough

Reason for being a big name: Syndikat

“Olly Lyons, the name on everyone’s lips. When not running Syndikat with fellow BNOC Rob Thurtell, Olly can be found in Bar Blanc sinking pints and chirpsing birds. Lad.”


Anna Conway 

Studies: Geography and Planning, first year

From: Clapham

Reasons for being a big name: Leazes

“Queen of Castle Leazes.”


Hannes Read

Studies: Geography, third year

From: Lancaster

Reasons for being a big name: Founder of football society

“Founding the non-league football society.”