BNOC of the Year: Group 1

Exam procrastination

The BNOC of the Year competition is back. Over 200 nominations were made to The Tab Newcastle. Three groups of nominations will fight it out for your votes to be crowned Newcastle’s biggest name on campus.

From society presidents to socialites to promoters, here are a few of the biggest names on campus:

Deej Senghore

Studies: English Language, second year

From: Durham

Reason for being a big name: RAG Week and Freshers’ Week

“If you add someone on Facebook – Deej is sure to be a mutual friend. He is a big name on RAG and Freshers’ Crew. He is also famous on Leazes Ticket Exchange for being lost by his housemates when he was absolutely bladdered one night.”


Clara Pettitt

Studies: Maths, second year

From: Crewe

Reason for being a big name: Athletic Union Officer 17/18



Shiv Kolhe

He’s on the left

Studies: Medicine, first year

From: Derby

Reason for being a big name: Medic socialite

“Everywhere he goes it just happens to be someone or the other knows him, whether it be on campus or on a night out. Loved by his year, known by all (especially medics) for his antics on nights out – on particular heavy nights, his mates refer to him as ‘shivved’. You will probably have seen this guy at the bar in Soho trying to balance a ridiculous amount of blue trebs between his hands – from the bouncers to the ambulance service and even the police recognise him. A good boy. A charmer. Girls dig him, guys want to be him.”


Robert Thurtell

Studies: Architecture, third year

From: Norwich

Reason for being a big name: Syndikat/Swingers

“Syndikat Co-Founder, Head honcho of Swingers Newcastle, the talk of Jesmond. Rob Thurtell gets the hottest girls and respect of the coolest guys. A rah to remember.”


Joey Li

Studies: Media and Communications, second year

From: Hong Kong

Reason for being a big name: Enactus fundraiser and event organiser

“Joey Li Is known by all. When she’s not busy organising live music nights for charity, she’s promoting for Future Funk, or posting on the Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange. There here isn’t anyone who has more of an adequate lady-boy name than Joey Crystal Li.”


Carl Coldier-Henriques

On the left

Studies: Languages and Accounting, second year

From: Monaco

Reasons for being a big name: Promoter

“Firstly, known around Newcastle as a Harry Styles lookalike. Frequently seen strutting around in posh shoes flicking his hair with his shirt undone. Waikiki promoter, lady-killer and fluent in four different languages.”