BNOC of the Year: Group 3

Those who strut around campus


Group 1 and Group 2 have been voted on and sorted, now here is the last round.

Three groups of nominations will fight it out for your votes to be crowned Newcastle’s biggest name on campus. From society presidents to socialites to promoters, here are a few of the biggest names on campus:

Ryan Doran 

Studies: Maths, fourth year

From: Cumbria

Reason for being a big name: President of Squash Club

“As the president of the university squash club and all-time great story teller he has been instrumental in leading some of the messiest seshes to date. Most notably keeping his tuxedo on for 48 hours straight after the AU ball last year.”


Georgia Corbett

Studies: Combined Honours, first year

From: Banbridge, Northern Ireland

Reason for being a big name: LGBT

“Really involved in LGBT and the gay scene, doesn’t need ID into powerhouse and never stops networking. Even friends with Jim the Powerhouse bouncer. Really loud and opinionated, always with cigarette in hand. Never misses a Powerhouse Monday and spends a lot of time smoking on a bench outside Castle Leazes.”


Harry Hornby

Studies: Computer Science, second year

From: Harrogate

Reasons for being a big name: Compsci Bar Crawl

“Creator of the Computer Science Bar Crawl to rival new route made by committee. Hated by committee, but loved by the rest of computer science as a result.”


Jack Gummerson

Studies: Economics, second year

From: Wigan

Reasons for being a big name: Londis

“Jack (Londis boy) is regularly seen stacking shelves and serving freshers in the Londis next to Castle Leazes. Using his Wigan charm he has managed on occasion to seduce several customers and is well known to all those who enter. Also seen frequenting Osborne Road bars and waltzing the streets of Jesmond, ‘Gummy’ often enjoys wide success in his romantic endeavours.”


Elliot Lewis

Studies: Urban Planning, third year

From: London

Reasons for being a big name: The Tab

“I don’t know if you know, but he used to edit The Tab Newcastle. Walks world famous dog Della to Waitrose on a regular basis. Regularly gets free drinks wherever he goes, and is a mainstay at Soho Rooms. Can be identified in the Robbo by his blonde beacon of hair. A true friend to all.”


Shaun Williamson

Studies: Politics, third year

From: Hertfordshire

Reasons for being a big name: Promoter

“Although he may look chubby on the facade this self-proclaimed ‘King of the Palace’ is a man known around campus for his hilarious ‘bantz’ and tenacious promoter antics, not to mention this prodigal MC governing the stage at WHQ with his quick-witted and inspiring lyrics.”