We asked students how they’re dealing in the recent hummus shortage

Hummus or houmous?

Going home for the Easter holidays is always a relaxing and exciting experience – having the heating paid for and the shelves stocked. So you can imagine my dismay when I took out my favourite Sainsbury’s Caramelised Onion Hummus from the fridge and found it tasted odd and metallic. “WHAT HAS HAPPENED?” I asked myself and now we know why…The shelves of Sainsbury’s and M&S are looking surprisingly bare after a hummus shortage has hit the UK.

The debate over the choice of Lemon & Coriander or Piri Piri hummus already seems a fond memory of the past, even when you get stuck with the original flavour. It’s a middle-class and dinner party nightmare. Crisps and Pitta everywhere have gone dry.

This really is a crisis. First courgettes, now hummus, what next? I personally dread to think. What are us poor students going to snack on whilst in the library?

“Hummus literally goes with everything, even ketchup.” Charlie, Newcastle

“If I had noticed there was a crisis I’d be upset and distraught. But I do have two tubs in my fridge.” Katie, Durham

“I couldn’t care less to be honest.” Will, Northumbria 

“It is terrible! This happening during exams season too!! The breakdown is now even more inevitable.” Imogen, Nottingham Trent 

“A life without hummus would cause great pain for me. How would I be able to show people on the Metro/in the library/in lectures that I am vegan without constantly eating it in front of them?” Yasmin, Newcastle 

“I had to buy some subpar butternut squash kind of dip instead.” Amelia, Southampton 

“Aldi have had hummus at the ready for me.” Felicity, Leeds