Find My Friends: The phenomenon that has changed life for the better

Stalker level 100

An increasing number of us are sharing our location with friends using the app ‘Find My Friends’. Your location is continuously available to the people you have chosen to share it with, unless your device runs out of battery. Now, nothing can be kept a secret.

Here’s why this new craze of ‘stalking’ your friends is totally acceptable – and has improved the lives of us all:

You can check why you’re being ignored

If you are worried that your friend is in a mood with you (or has potentially died) judging by their lack of response to your texts, then have no fear! Go to the orange app, so easily accessed on your phone, to discover that your friend is at the gym and obviously cannot treadmill and text.

No more

Easily spot who’s nearby

In the library and need a break? Just check Find My Friends. Effortlessly find out which of your friends are also drowning with deadlines. This saves the time you would have spent texting around, as well as the consequential rejection you’ll face when you find your friend is still in bed. You have a much higher chance of people accepting your request of a coffee in the library if they are actually there.

Track your late friend’s real ETA

For those friends who are always late, you can now track them. This means you can leave at an appropriate time, meaning you won’t be standing around for 30 minutes, wondering where they are.

See what your pals are doing

Wondering where your housemate is and what they are up to? Track them on Find My Friends to find that they are in uni, at a lecture in the med school – and not doing anything fun without you.

Never get stranded on a night out again

Find My Friends is the perfect device for tracking the liabilities and the scandalous – it gives you a perfect way of finding lost friends on a night out. If you are worrying where your paralytic drunk friend is, it gives you a way of finding them or even tracking their taxi journey home.

A huge factor is also the gossip. Nightmare for the person trying to secretly have a one night stand. Find yourself wondering if your friend, who you saw getting with someone on the dance floor in Flares, has progressed to the next stage? Check Find My Friends in the morning and see your third year friend is paying the not-so-aesthetically-pleasing Leazes a visit.

Playing the away game

There are of course, as with anything, drawbacks of Find My Friends…

Stalking your bae

This form of social media is arguably not healthy for those in relationships. Finding out your other half is at Soho Rooms – when they told you they were going to have a quiet one in with their house mates – never bodes well. Of course, the option of turning off your location would look even more sneaky, and not having the app in the first place obviously means you have something to hide.

When your friend finds you and their girlfriend or boyfriend, both at the same location on Fern Av, you may wish technology wasn’t invented altogether.

The FOMO that comes with it

You can see if you are missing out on social events. Finding out there are multiple icons of your friends at Bar Blanc will bring about major FOMO. No one wants to be left crying at their desk in the Robbo whilst the rest of their friends are making the most of happy hour on the Ozzy Road.

Friends or stalkers?

A new way to procrastinate from revision or doing an essay. Some people have admitted to being slightly addicted to Find My Friends…Friends or stalkers?

Parents are catching on

The real draw back of Find My Friends that seriously needs to stop. Some parents are now sharing their location and no more needs to be said. Mum and Dad stick to your generation and stay out of our lives.

It is clear that the good with Find My Friends outweighs the bad. It is a quick and easy way to see where you friends are. Who really cares if your friends are stalkers!? Let’s be honest, you’re a stalker too and love to frequently check your friends movements.

If you really are getting FOMO and you know your friends location – either suck it up or join them at the pub.

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