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‘Looks another Warwick about to happen’: I was stalked at uni, but my stalker was allowed to stay

A leaked email shows the university were more concerned with their ‘precarious reputation’

Newcastle will be the first city to get the Greggs Festive Bake

First to create Greggs, first to the pastries

The Robbo is closing for ‘essential maintenance’ for the entire month of May

This comes just before the start of exam season

NUSU Elections 2019: Meet your Editor of The Courier candidates

They’re BACK

Ten messages you’ll definitely find in every flat group chat

Bet these look familiar…

We asked a languages lecturer at Newcastle Uni how Brexit may impact your year abroad

Languages students are feeling a little comme ci comme ça

Bar Blanc is welcoming students back to Newcastle with some MEGA food and drink deals

That’s those January exams out of the window

Here’s why Hugh Grant should be Prime Minister

He’s hot?

What Christmas film is your Newcastle halls?

Of course Castle Leazes is Love Actually

Newcastle Uni Law society ‘clicked fingers’ and ‘waved money’ at Christmas party staff

They also smashed glass and mocked staff members

Here are the most important things that happened in Newcastle this year

It’s been a busy year, but have you been keeping up?

Here’s the alternative Christmas playlist you’ve all been waiting for

For those who are sick of the old classics

We asked people from other unis what they really think of Newcastle students

Jealousy is a bitch

You can now get Greggs delivered to your doorstep with Deliveroo

They’ve teamed up to make the ultimate dream team

Here’s why Greggs on Northumberland Street has a reversed sign

Two Newcastle landmarks coming together

Man rushed to hospital after being stabbed in The Cut

The club went into lock down

Which Peep Show character is your Newcastle halls?

Flat 15, Apollo House (Self-Catered, Washbasin)

Greggs to open a drive-thru store in Newcastle

The best news of 2018

Newcastle Uni will provide sanitary bins in male toilets

It hopes to help gender neutral students feel more comfortable

We asked year abroad students what they miss most about Newcastle

You don’t know what you got till it’s gone