No more free coffee: Waitrose will ‘simply ask you to make a purchase’ before giving you a cup

Game changer

In an email sent just after 9:30am today to all myWaitrose members, the supermarket said that from 3rd April they “simply ask” customers to make a purchase before collecting their free hot drink at the checkout.

The free hot drink, which is highly popular with students, is a particular attraction to the shop. One local resident told The Tab: “I see students in there all the time getting free drinks. I don’t mind it but they do sometimes take the mick a little. I can see this having the biggest impact on them the most!”

Fourth year, Michael Trevena, told The Tab: “April 3rd is going to be a sad, sad day in Jesmond.”

The morning strolls to Waitrose to cure that hangover with a free latte are almost over.

White girl latte: the Waitrose dream

One regular second year shopper said: “Oh my God I’m going to get so fat I’ll will have to buy a creme egg every time I get a coffee”.

Rumours spread that the rule would be put in place after the Daily Mail reported that Waitrose was trialling this out in certain stores across the UK in October.

The email reads:

There are twelve days left until 3rd April.