Legends is coming back to Newcastle

You thought the Pull Cam days were over

It has been three years, four months and 13 days since the sad news shattered the hearts of Newcastle students across the city. Deluge at Legends’ days were over.

After a failed attempt to keep the Legends dream alive with Fraternity, we were dealt the even more tragic news that the Legends, the club itself, was shutting down for good.

But now it’s coming back. And not just for one night (#onemoretune for Deluge).

Never let go

It was a night of debauchery, five-too-many VKs, the sweatbox that was the cave and that cramped smoking area with plenteous dark corners.

That weird, sweaty upstairs “VIP” room with a suspect sofa, filled with the NURFC boys in questionable floral blazers. And who could forget the Power Hour, where VKs were bought and sprayed in their hundreds.

The guys from StageOne who are relaunching the night told The Tab: “Nine years ago there was a dream that was a sports night. A time before promoters had saturated the city with lies and broken promises, a night born out of necessity, rather than greed.

“Fearing a recurrence on the horizon and acting on behalf of the students of Newcastle University we couldn’t just stand by and allow fate to continue… So for those who just want to party, this one is for you – LEGENDS WEDNESDAYS ARE BACK!! Newcastle Uni you are alone no more.

“Let the downpour continue.”

There are even rumours that The Legendary Pull Cam is coming back. Not only would the Pull Cam peruse the club – catching couples caught in the throng of romance – but would also be positioned at the top of the stairs catching you leaving hand-in-hand with your one night stand/true love.

If you didn’t wake up with hair sticky from VK and the dirtiest shoes known to man, did you even go out?

Here’s a bit of what to expect when Legends returns to your Sports Wednesday next term: