#onemoretune for Deluge!

VK sprays, Pullcam, Boobcam…one more. Just, one more.

Following the sad news earlier this week, we have decided to give the people a voice and start a campaign for #onemoretune for Deluge.

All over social media people have been mourning the loss of what was the protagonist in the tale of Newcastle nightlife.

What if? What if Lazarus could work his magic once again for us?

There have even been graduates who have pledged to return to their hallowed turf and once again drown themselves in that delicious, sweet VK. We want Pullcam. We want Boobcam. We want it all because Newcastle is not just full of edgy, black wearing turds but there are still lads and lasses who desire more from their night.

Here’s just some of the testimonials and pleads that have come in since the disastrous news broke:


56 shares says it all


We’ve got your back Ellen.


The stalwart of Legends.



All we can say is…