Newcastle students party harder than anywhere else, according to study

We spend more on getting drunk than all the other unis in the UK

Newcastle students spend more on alcohol than any other university – despite the fact that we live in the “third most cost-effective city” in the UK – and the third most on going out, according to a report by Natwest.

The reported average weekly expenditure for students buying alcohol in shops is £9.32 – a fair bit more than the national average of £6.85. We are followed by Glasgow with £8.63 and Reading with £8.50. Birmingham students spend on average a mere £4.12 a week.

When it comes to going out we’re third, apparently spending £7.81 a week on nights out. Thank God for £2 Tuesday and trebles. We come just behind Edinburgh – who spend £8.19 – and Belfast, £7.84.

Apparently, we are only spending 56p of every pound we earn (although I’m sure our overdrafts will tell a different story). We are the sixth biggest spenders on clothes, shoes and accessories, with £9.13 a week.