A Metroline social is the best kind you can have

It’s unique to Newcastle

A Metroline social is not one to be missed. Starting at around lunchtime, it sees you and a load of your course mates hopping on and off Newcastle’s railway network, as you visit a pub at each stop for an hour, travelling out to the chilly coast and then back in to town for a memorable night. It’s rowdy, loose and can get messy.

Here’s a list of reasons why they tops all other types of social.

All aboard

It’s a bigger crowd than usual

As with most big socials, rocking up and seeing the startled faces of bar staff can make you feel like you and your mob of tipsy individuals are owning the night. Imagine that across the whole city. You can also get the train itself bouncing (literally), as chanting and general behaviour gets more rowdy as the day goes on. The fact that you’re hitting pubs all day also gives you a great opportunity to chat to people. This obviously beats a more generic social, where you’d be slumped over a bar in a noisy Sinners, with no idea what the girl from your seminar is chatting about.

And they last all day so you actually get to know people

Who doesn’t love an excuse to drink during the day? Forget ‘Strangers on a Train’, you’ve got so much time to actually get to know the people you’re shoved on the Metro with. You little social butterfly, you.

Ready for the next pub m8?

So you’ll end up finding out how loose Mike from your seminar is

Picture this. The quiet lad from your 10am lecture takes a few pints on board, and is suddenly leading the charge to the train whilst chanting ‘”Let’s fucking go metro”. This is the real gem of this kind of social, the day drinking effect takes hold on certain people, and legends are born. The group of girls who just miss the train with everyone on it, the one person that’s had too much and throws up on someone in the club at the end, it’s all part of the Metroline magic. You also have to feel sorry for the chap down the pub who’s gone for a peaceful pint at his local, only to be bombarded by 80 steaming students demanding their next beverage.


You’re moving all the time so you’re never left stuck in an awkward conversation

Because nobody wants to listen to Megan rant about the weather for half an hour.

It’s unique to Newcastle

We’re one of only a few cities across the UK that actually has a Metro network. One for the Snapchat story.

You get to see the city

It’s not often that you get to branch out and visit Newcastle’s other spots. Ok, some areas are actually possibly best avoided (ahem, Wallsend) but it’s great to get down to the coast at Tynemouth and Whitley Bay for some sea air too. It’s basically the perfect excuse for making sure that you actually went further than West Jesmond station during your time at uni.

It’s like having your own party bus

Unlike most socials, you can get from bar to bar without even having to walk. It’s like a party bus, but less tacky and you’re actually allowed to stand up.

You piss off the Metro staff

All those fines. All those annoying ticket checks. Stick it back to them.

Mortal Metro