Tup Tup is the Palace of dreams

That sunken booth though

The Tab Northumbria wrote an article on how Tup Tup is overrated, and boy were they wrong.

When your palace comes under siege you don’t run from the haters – you stay to defend.

So here’s a few reasons why Tup Tup is the Palace of dreams:

The decor

Tup Tup Palace is unique in Newcastle. It’s the only club that boasts indoor waterfalls, an elliptical recessed champagne snug, privately serviced tables and a selection of the world’s finest drinks brands – as well as a podium for the more seasoned dancers among us to show us what they got.

Smoking area

That long, thin tunnel must have witnessed some interesting conversations.

It’s not a Tup Tup without squeezing past that person you stalked from the Playground photo album last week or chatting to random locals.

The clientele

You are always guaranteed to see people you know.

To make things even better, the club is saturated with highly attractive people. Those who visit the Palace are out to have a really good time and lots of like minded people usually get on well with each other.

One person we spoke to said it was full of “grindy people – people that grind on you a lot”. The low lighting and relatively small dance floors mean that it’s ideal for these type of people to do what they do best.

The drinks

It’s a classic Newcastle club, drinks are cheap and plentiful. It was even rumoured you could buy a bottle of Prosecco in there for £17. It’s the type of club where if you spill over your drinks and the bar staff would give you some more for free. This sort of friendliness and solidarity among Palace lovers is what we need when the haters start picking on us.

The VIP area and tables

The VIP area in Tup Tup is an unrivalled experience amongst the other clubs in Newcastle. You know you’ve made it when you’re chilling out in the sunken booth, vodka on tap. You’re mixing orange and cranberry juice together – even though you never normally would – because they’re both there in front of you.

The scrabble for reserving those hidden away tables is real. Do NOT mistake the these cute, niche tables for the podium, mind. They are always slippy and if you stand on them you will fall.

The photos

When you catch a Playground photo on your newsfeed, you know it’s a Playground photo. The black and white is outrageously flattering, and you always happen to be caught from your best side (Aaron knows what’s up).

Not only are the club photos great, but it doesn’t stop there. Enter, the photo booth of dreams. It may be a steep £3, but the joy on the day after when you realise you’ve got a tangible memory of your night is worth it.


Celebs LOVE Tup Tup. It’s exclusive, it’s sophisticated and it’s suave. Kanye, Drake, Example, Will.I.Am, Ed Sheeran and 50 Cent have all been to this infamous club in the past year to name a few.

Fiddy papped in Tup Tup on Saturday


You cannot deny that it’s in the most ideal location. Right next to Subway, across from Empress Bar, a stumbling distance from Soho Rooms and just off the diamond strip, the Palace’s situation is optimum.

Pre-Tup shenanigans

The stumbling distance to Bigg Market, with Munchies, McDonald’s, Athena and more at your fingertips means you’ll never finish the night hungry.


There’s a constant flow of taxis so if you ever need to get back quick, or haven’t managed to book a taxi you need not fear. Who doesn’t love the post-club socialising whilst waiting for a cab home. If it were anywhere else in Newcastle then you’d be made to wait in a long queue.

In all its glory

The loos don’t flood (like every other club in Newcastle)

You name a student club or bar in Newcastle and their toilets are bound to flood.

Trying to wade your way through the swampy floor can ruin your night – and shoes. But at Tup Tup the loos are upstairs, beating the other clubs in Newcastle where the loos are in the basement.

It’s on Geordie fookin’ Shore, like

It’s their favourite club.

You’re bound to bump into one of the cast on a casual night out at the weekend. They love the attention, and they LOVE Tup Tup.

The events

Closed not one day of the week, this palace of dreams goes above and beyond to provide Newcastle students and Newcastle locals a top class night.

Wednesdays at Playground is a slick alternative to a generic sports Tiger Wednesdays. It has been said that the best people go to Playground. Maybe you fancy a boogie on the podium or getting down with your clique on a table. There is something for everyone. Famously known as the slayground, “this one is not for you”.

On Thursdays you can get down and dirty to some RnB at Love Dough. One for those who love a cheeky dance into the early hours.

Dirty Little Secret on Friday is the worst kept secret in Newcastle. There are girls on fire, sparklers across the club and bottles being popped all over the club. If you want elegance and sophistication then here’s your night.

On the day of rest, Persistence Sundays are there to offer us yet another night. You can venture upstairs to Loja or have a boogie in the Cut, there is something for everyone.

This is a SUNDAY

Because everyone loves it

We asked you what you thought of Tup Tup:

Third year Politics student Holly Kennett’s favourite part of Tup Tup is the podium. She told The Tab “I love being on the podium I feel like a million dollar striper hollering at the DJ on the decks.”

Liam Parsons, third year engineer, told The Tab  “The polys should go back to downing VKs in Tiger Tiger, leave the VIP to us.”

Anjuli Chatterjee, second year Law, adores Tup Tup. She said “It’s my favourite night out. If ever I don’t know where to go out in town I’ll go to Tup Tup. I love upstairs when it’s open. It’s just so edgy, but effortlessly edgy.”

So why don’t the haters leave our Palace alone? The war is over and we are the last one standing.

For all you TupTup lovers show your appreciation, get down to your favourite night and make regrettable life decisions the Palace walls will protect forever.

Photo credit – Playground Wednesdays, Tup Tup Palace, DirtyLittleSecret, Lovedough, Soho Rooms