Is this remix of The Snowman the biggest Christmas banger of the year?

It’s a phat one

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Two Newcastle DJs have cooked up some tangible Christmas vibes with a remix of “Walking in the Air”.

The merry mashup mixes the snowman song with “Walking with Elephants” by Ten Walls to become “Walking in the Air with Elephants”.

NUDJ heroes George Mayfield and Eddy “Banger” Brown bemoaned the lack of festive spirit in house music.

Now the pair are hoping to bag the Christmas top spot with their joyous jingle.

Press play below.

Laying down some crispy beats

George tells The Tab: “We had been to see Karma Kid at Ill! Behaviour the night before, and we enjoyed his set, but were disappointed by the lack of Christmas remixes he dropped.

“We thought maybe Mercy Bells – the track we made last year – is outdated.

“Maybe we need to bring the Christmas remix to 2014.”

The song came as solace to Eddy, who woke up with the hangover from hell, only to realise he had left his bag in the taxi the night before, containing his laptop and new traktor box.

“Needless to say Eddy was devastated,” says George.

Eddy added: “George popped round and said we should make the mashup.”

“So we did, and it was beautiful and made us weep”.

The mastermind duo are awaiting comment from Ten Walls.


Merry Mayfield on a mad one


But it’s not the first time the DJ society boys have been vying for the Christmas top spot.

Last year Mayfield’s “Mercy Bells”, a remix of Jingle Bells and Boddika’s ‘Mercy VIP’, narrowly missed out on the popular charts.

But it did catch the attention of Toyboy & Robin and Madtech Records.



And everyone’s going crackers for the mix. Newcastle Business and Marketing student Dom Fearon said: “It’s utterly outrageous, a certified banger”.

Micky Lomax said: “I think he’s outdone his previous effort.

“Mercy Bells went down a storm, but I have heard various rumours that George was in fact sat refreshing the SoundCloud page to increase the amount of plays.

“Hopefully he lets Walking In The Air With Elephants go viral by itself.”