Revealed: The Lancaster Uni students most satisfied with the teaching in their lectures

I don’t care how good the lecturers are, you’d still have to pay me to do sports science

I thought nobody liked 9am lectures. You’re not necessarily hungover, but you’re tired. You got dressed in a rush and had to skip the queue at Greggs because you were running late. And then, you have to sit through 50 minutes of a lecturer talking at you, all the while trying to take notes that are somehow legible enough you are going to be able to understand them when it comes to revising.

Well at least that’s not the case for everyone. See some Lancs students love their lecturers and they love what they are taught. To them, there is nothing better than bounding out of bed on a Monday morning and racing down to Margaret Fell. The Times and Sunday Times Complete University Guide 2023 has put together a handy guide of the Lancs students most satisfied with the quality of their teaching and it makes for interesting reading.

32 per cent of French students are not satisfied with the quality of teaching at Lancaster. It’s not much better for Spanish, 31 per cent aren’t satisfied with the quality of teaching for Iberian languages.

`Meanwhile at the other end of the spectrum, medicine students are really happy with the teaching in the Medical School. Both medicine and “subjects allied to medicine” boast 84.6 per cent of students being satisfied with the teaching quality.

Here’s a full breakdown of each degree to see just how happy your fellow classmates are in your lectures:

Student satisfaction with teaching quality

Sports science – 92 per cent

Physics and astronomy – 88.7 per cent

Communications and media studies – 84.8 per cent

Medicine – 84.6 per cent

Subjects allied to medicine – 84.6 per cent

English – 83.5 per cent

Law – 82.4 per cent

Chemistry – 81.9 per cent

Creative writing – 81.3 per cent

Social work – 81.3 per cent

Art and design – 81.1 per cent

Biological sciences – 81 per cent

Drama, dance and cinematics – 81 per cent

Geography and environmental science – 80.2 per cent

History – 78.8 per cent

Accounting and finance – 78.4 per cent

Linguistics – 78 per cent

Business, managing and marketing – 77.5 per cent

Theology and religious studies – 77.3 per cent

Mathematics – 76.1 per cent

Natural sciences – 74.5 per cent

Mechanical engineering – 74.4 per cent

Politics – 73.2 per cent

Psychology – 72.9 per cent

Criminology – 71.8 per cent

Sociology – 71.8 per cent

Philosophy – 71.5 per cent

Electrical and electronic engineering – 70.4 per cent

Computer science – 69.2 per cent

Economics – 69.2 per cent

Iberian languages – 69 per cent

Chemical engineering – 68.8 per cent

French – 68.2 per cent

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