All the people you’ll meet during Lancs Freshers’ Week

Someone in your flat WILL be a ghost x

Freshers’ Week is upon us once again: the annual descending of thousands of baby-faced first years upon campus, ready to live away from home for the first time and meet a bunch of new people. In a week, you will learn more about yourself, other people, and your life than you ever could have dreamed of. You will also meet a lot of people that will feature in your life for the next year, whether you’d like them to or not. Here are all of the people you will end up meeting in Freshers’ Week.

The person who makes all the group chats

This person is a lifesaver. You’ve probably seen their name on WhatsApp or Snapchat, and honestly, it’s just a relief to finally put a face to a name. They’re organised to an unbelievable extent, and if you forget any readings this year, you just know that they’re the person to go to.

The person who is from the same town as you but you’ve never met

The inevitable conversations of “What’s your name? What course are you doing? Where are you from?” ends in you realising that you’re from the same place. You probably went to different schools, but you’ve got all the same set of references and inside jokes that mean you bond immediately (or you end up hating them, who knows?).

The person who is the best cook you’ll ever meet

Chocolate lava cakes? Fancy couscous salad? They’ve probably even got quinoa in their cupboard. This will be the poshest person you meet all year, and they will surely host a dinner party at some point, and then there will probably be five or six very similar people crammed around your tiny table comparing notes on the wine that they’ve bought from Spar to pair with their fish.

The person who drags everyone to events and makes sure you all get to places on time

They’ll be a lifesaver in the first week, especially after late nights, because this person will essentially force you all to get to places on time. Freshers’ Fair? They’ll drag the whole flat. Free food? They’ll sniff it out and organise a whole trip.

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The person you never see

You will meet them in Freshers’ Week and then never again. They’re a ghost. They must cook in the middle of the night because their dishes appear, but no one ever speaks to them.

The person with totally opposite views to you that you never want to speak to again

You have a conversation with them, and they seem perfectly normal. You might swap Instagrams. This is when the horror sets in, when the posts are shared on the story and you quickly avoid all social situations where you can be alone from then on out.

The person you think you recognise from sixth form but you aren’t brave enough to say hi to

You pass them on the Spine and nearly say hi, but you aren’t sure enough that they are the person that you went to sixth form with. You’ll see them again in Sugar, but it’s too loud to talk. By the end of Freshers’ Week, it’s too late to say anything, and you’ll just awkwardly smile at each other every time you pass for the rest of the year.

The person you will inevitably commit flatcest with

You know from the first night. Everyone knows from the first night. You keep looking at each other. Those long, searching glances. You’ll keep looking at each other until eventually, it happens and then you skirt around each other for the next two terms, mortified.

The person who’ll be your best mate for Freshers’ Week and then never speak to again

You’ve got so much in common! You like all the same things! You do everything together in Freshers’ Week! You don’t do the same course! Oh, that doesn’t matter, you’ll see each other all the time! Nope, you will never see them again.

The person who is a *ray of sunshine*

They’re such a debbie downer all the time. They think it’ll rain every day, they have more work than everyone else combined, and they’re convinced they’re going to get ill every week.

The person who gets up ridiculously early to go to the gym even though they went out the night before

Why this person exists on making us all feel bad, you will never know. They won’t roll in from Sugar until 4am, but they’ll still get up at 7am to go to the Sports Centre to work out and come home and make a smoothie for breakfast without seeming the slightest bit hungover. It has to be a superpower.

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