Your roundup of all of the Lancaster colleges’ Freshers’ Week events

Every event in Freshers’ Week collated for ease of reading

Sugar has sat quiet all summer and is ready to burst into life again this October, when a new load of Freshers will enter its doors for the first time. Whether it’s your Freshers’ Week this year, you’re reliving the hype of last year, or catching up on the missed Covid years, it’s the most anticipated and hyped-up week of the entire uni calendar.

For all new students at Lancs, each college arranges its own events, complete with themes, t-shirts, sports matches, bar crawls and club nights, so your liver won’t miss out. We’ve created a definitive guide of all of the colleges’ events for Freshers’ Week 2022, sourced from their Instagram pages.


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Sunday 2nd October: Arrivals (10am – 4pm), Off-Campus Students’ Talk (4pm – 4.30pm), Welcome Talk (5.30pm – 6pm), Free Dinner (6pm – 7pm), Pirates of the Lonsdalian in Lonsdale Bar (10pm – late)

Monday 3rd October: Games + Pool Tables (12 – 2pm), International Students Meet and Greet (5pm – 7pm), Sugarhouse Jungle Theme (10pm – late)

Tuesday 4th October: Welfare Breakfast (9am – 11am), Meet Your Major (All Day), Mocktail Meet and Greet X Grizedale (3pm – 6pm), Campus Bar Crawl X County (6pm – 9pm), Smurf Night in Lonsdale Bar (10pm – late)

Wednesday 5th October: Lonnie Freshers Fair (11am – 3pm), LUSU Sports Day (3pm – 5pm), Sports Social (7pm – 9pm), Dress as the Last Letter of Your Name – In Town Event (10pm – late)

Thursday 6th October: LUSU Feshers’ Fest (9am – 5pm), Football X Netball Games with Bowland (2pm – 4pm), Lonnie Bongo’s Bingo (7pm – 9pm), RDR Special in Lonsdale Bar (10pm – late)

Friday 7th October: Major Orientation (10am – 5pm), Sugarhouse Glitter Theme (11pm – late)

Saturday 8th October: House Wars (1pm – 6pm), Town Crawl with Bowland (7pm – 11pm), Generation with Bowland – Founders is Blue (11pm – late)

Sunday 9th October: Freshers’ Graduation (4pm – 6pm)


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Sunday 2nd October: Arrivals (10am – 5pm), Welcome Talk & Meet the Reps (George Fox, 5.30pm – 6.30pm), Free Food Event (Common Room, 6.30pm), Wylde West Intergalactic Invasion (Fylde Bar, 9pm – late)

Monday 3rd October: Friendly Rounders (10am – 12.30pm), College Fair (Common Room, 2pm – 4.30pm), Medieval Crafts Workshop with Living History Society (Common Room, 6.30pm – 8.30pm), LUSU Town Bar Crawl and Sugarhouse (7pm – late)

Tuesday 4th October: Meet Your Department (9am – 5pm), Town Tours (Meet in Common Room, 6pm – 7.30pm), Chill Night In

Wednesday 5th October: LUSU Sports Day (9am – 5pm), Bingo Night with Sober Society (County Bar, 7pm – 10pm), Shit Shirt Night (Crafties, 8pm – late)

Thursday 6th October: Freshers’ Fair (Sports Centre, 8am – 5pm), Baking Society (Common Room, 6.30pm – 8.30pm), Pub Golf Town Crawl (8pm – late)

Friday 7th October: Meet Your Department (9am – 5pm), Senet Card and Board Games @ Fylde (Common Room, 6.30pm – 8.30pm), Club Night (Generation, 10pm – late)

Saturday 8th October: BBQ (12 – 2pm), Walk to Galgate with Mental Health Society (3pm – 5pm), Movie Night (Common Room, 6.30pm – 8.30pm), Campus Bar Crawl (7pm – late)


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Saturday 1st October: Arrivals, Welcome Fair, B for Bowland Welcome Party

Sunday 2nd October: Scavenger Hunt, Campus Tours, Evening Karaoke

Monday 3rd October: Bowland Breakfast, Question Drop-In, College Day, Turn Campus Red Bar Crawl

Tuesday 4th October: Arts and Crafts, Night Out at the Sugarhouse

Wednesday 5th October: Campus Tours, Waffle Wednesday, Sports Day (Intercollegiate)

Thursday 6th October: Question Drop-In, Trough In Action Bar Sports, Bowland Quiz

Friday 7th October: Games Night with LU Sober Society, Dress as Your Degree Night Out

Saturday 8th October: City Tours, Picnic in the Park, Bar Crawl with Lonsdale, Lady meets the Lion

Sunday 9th October: Games Night


Lancaster University Freshers' Week

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Sunday 2nd October – Arrivals Day: Welcome Talk, Free Lasagne Dinner, Board Games and Bar Sports in County Bar

Monday 3rd October – College Day: Free Breakfast (Common Room, 10am – 11am), Campus Tour and Woodland Walk (11am – 1pm), Free Pizza, Board Games and Bar Sports (County Bar, 1pm – 3pm), County Bar Party (8pm)

Tuesday 4th October – Bar Crawl: Part 1 Academic Events (All Day), Campus Bar Crawl with Lonsdale, County Minions vs Lonsdale Smurfs (7pm)

Wednesday 5th October – Rodeo Bull: Waffle Wednesday (11am), Rodeo Bull with Furness (5pm – 7pm), Sober Society Bingo in County Bar (7pm)

Thursday 6th October – Freshers’ Fair: Freshers’ Fair, Town Bar Crawl and Sugar (7pm)

Friday 7th October – Quizzing with the Queens: Plant Pot Decorating and Arts and Crafts (12 noon), Quizzing with the Queens at Barkers with Cartmel (7pm), Generation with Cartmel and Fylde (10pm)

Saturday 8th October – Last Night Out: Town Tours with Welcome Reps (12 noon), Crafties for Last Night Out (7pm)


Lancaster University Freshers' Week

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Saturday 1st October: Arrivals (8.30am), Welcome Talk (5pm), Hog Roast (6pm), Rep Intros (7pm), Grize-Prix (10pm)

Sunday 2nd October: Williamson Walk (12 noon), Take2 Cinema (7pm)

Monday 3rd October: College Day (12 noon), Grizzle Quizzle (7pm)

Tuesday 4th October: SoberSoc (3pm), Big Night Out (7pm)

Wednesday 5th October: LUSU Sports Day

Thursday 6th October: Freshers’ Fair, Generation (11pm)

Friday 7th October: Grizedale x Pendle Campus Bar Crawl (6pm)

Saturday 8th October: Warriors Pt 2 (12 noon), After Party (8pm)

Sunday 9th October: Hangover Brunch (12 noon), Boars Bingo (8pm)


Lancaster University Freshers' Week

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All times and locations tbc.

Sunday 2nd October: Arrivals (morning and afternoon), Games Night (evening), Basement Bash (evening)

Monday 3rd October: College Q&A in Pendle Brew (morning), Campus & College Tours (afternoon), Mocktails with Sober Society (afternoon), Commuter Students Event (afternoon), Big Night Out (evening)

Tuesday 4th October: College Drop In (morning), Town Tours (afternoon), Pub Quiz (evening)

Wednesday 5th October: Book Club (morning), Woodland walk (afternoon), Wacky or Tacky Shirt Night @ Generations (evening)

Thursday 6th October: Freshers’ Fair (morning and afternoon), Start a Band (afternoon), Pendle Live! (evening)

Friday 7th October: Coffee and Cakes with Welfare Team (morning), Meet your Coursemates (afternoon), Campus Bar Crawl with Grizedale (evening) Sober Society (evening)

Saturday 8th October: Welfare Walk with Cartmel (morning) Bob Ross Paint-a-long (12 – 2pm), LGBTQ+ Games (2pm – 6pm), Warriors with Grizedale (afternoon), Bingo (evening)

Sunday 9th October: Meet the Sports Captains (afternoon)


Lancaster University Freshers' Week

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Saturday 1st October: Move In, Welcome Talk and Dinner, Barkers Bash

Sunday 2nd October: Cartmel Circuits and International Kahoot, Campus Tours, Flat Pres and Jewellery Making, Barker Goes Back to School

Monday 3rd October: Meet your House, Town Tours, Griffin’s Golf Tour/Barkers Board Games, Barkers Belters

Tuesday 4th October: Bar Sports Taster, Cartmel’s Big Night Out/Sip and Paint, Sugarhouse

Wednesday 5th October: JCR Q&A, SU Sports Day, Mini Sports Day, Berkeler

Thursday 6th October: Freshers’ Fair, Open Mic Night, RDR @ Lonsdale

Friday 7th October: Blankets for the Homeless, Quizzing with the Queens with County, Generation

Saturday 8th October: Welfare Walk with Pendle, Rounders, AGM, Barkers Big Quiz & Freshers’ Awards, Reps Awards

Sunday 9th October: Baking/Quiz with Sober Society, Barkers Bar Sports


Lancaster University Freshers' Week

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Saturday 1st October: Free Burgers (12 noon), Off Campus/Commuters Meet Up (TV Room, 4pm), Welcome Talk (Margaret Fell, 5pm), Group Photo (Bonnie Steps, 6pm), Free Lasagne (Furness Foyer, 7pm), Games Night (Trev, 8pm)

Sunday 2nd October: Campus Tours, Chat with Forums (Furness Foyer, 1pm), International Student Meet Up (TV Rppm, 3pm), Fresherstrav (8pm)

Monday 3rd October: BYO Breakfast (Furness Foyer, 9am), Welfare Deanery Talk (Furness Foyer 10am), BBQ (Furness Foyer + Courtyard, 1pm), Bake Off (Collect ingredients from Trev, 4pm), Bar Sports Taster Session (JCR Room, 7pm)

Tuesday 4th October: Department Day, Mocktails Event (Grizedale Bar, 3pm), Welfare Bingo (TV Room, 7pm), Night Out at Generation (Meet in Furness Foyer, 10pm)

Wednesday 5th October: BYO Breakfast (Furness Foyer, 9am), Town Tours with Reps, Sports Day, Bull Rodeo with County (5pm), College Night (7pm)

Thursday 6th October: Freshers’ Fair, Patriots Exhibition Match (11am), Bob Ross Paint Along (TV Room, 6pm), Big Night Out (7pm)

Friday 7th October: BYO Breakfast (Furness Foyer, 9am), ECOWoods with Green Lancaster (12.45pm), Trevaoke (JCR Room and Trev, 8pm)

Saturday 8th October: Scavenger Hunt (2pm), College Bar Crawl with Fylde (staring in Trev Bar, 6.30pm), Kaspa’s Chill Meal (7pm)

Sunday 9th October: BYO Breakfast (Furness Foyer, 9am), Windermere Trip (1pm), Furness Jumble Sale (Furness Foyer, 5pm)

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