Lancaster: Here is your official BNOC of 2022

The results are in and it’s time to celebrate


After a long, gruelling, some might say stressful process, Lancaster has finally elected its one true big name on campus of the academic year 2021/22.

The competition began just under a month ago, with what seemed like the entirety of the Lancaster population nominating who they believed deserved the ultimate title and the true honour of being known as Lancs BNOC 2022. The competition took the form of three rounds, seven heats total, including the final three. Nominees have spent weeks holding their breath, stressing over their impending fate, suffering countless sleepless nights, with only one thing on their mind: “Am I the biggest name on campus”?

It’s been a brutal process, with knock-outs in every round, and only a few qualifying through to the final. As a reminder, your 2022 finalists were Ben Strawbridge (first year), Laura Eisenhower (third year), and Peter “Daddy Bowland” Moyes (fourth year). Well, finalists, it’s time to find out whether your dreams are going to be crushed, or whether YOU are Lancaster’s biggest name on campus.

Without further ado, in third place, achieving 476 votes in the final is Ben Strawbridge. Congratulations, Ben, on making it through to the last hurdle – sorry to say your name was just not big enough this time. Maybe next year?

Coming in as the first runner-up, with 565 votes, is Peter “Daddy Bowland” Moyes. Again, congrats Peter, but alas it appears this title was just too far out of your reach. Sorry boys, you were both strong contenders.

Which means, that with a whopping 842 votes, Lancaster’s official biggest name on campus of 2022 is…

Laura Eisenhower (she/her)!

Laura Eisenhower

Laura was a clear winner, receiving 45 per cent of the nearly 2,000 votes towards this final.

When contacted regarding her success, Laura told us: “I was definitely not expecting to even make it through one round so it’s been a bit of a shock for sure. I wouldn’t consider myself a BNOC but my friends would always joke that I’d say hi to too many people in Sugar or on the Spine.

“I joined a lot of societies over my three years in Lancaster so that’s definitely helped me to meet people. I just enjoy making friends and trying new things. Although I haven’t been able to do as much as I wanted this year with the uni workload, I’ve still enjoyed everything I’ve tried and have met some amazing people.

“When I was nominated I thought it was a bit ridiculous but then I thought why not? Turns out my friends were a bit too keen and got very involved in the voting, so I definitely owe this all to them. It’ll definitely be a running joke for a while now.”

So, Laura Eisenhower is the one true BNOC. Remember to douse her with tiaras and flowers if you ever see her in the street, or maybe a simple congrats will do if you’re not feeling particularly flamboyant.

Sorry if you weren’t successful this time round, but please do not lose faith. There’s always next year!

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