Lancaster’s Grand Theatre to be visited by paranormal investigators

The exploration will take place later in the summer

As reported by the Lancashire Telegraph, it has been announced that Lancaster’s Grand Theatre, on St Leonard’s Gate, will be investigated by the company Haunted Rooms later this summer.

Tickets are available to purchase for those who wish to join the ghost hunt.

Haunted Rooms, owned by Wesley McDermott, organise ghost hunts at venues across the UK and the US which are suspected to be troubled by paranormal activity.

Lancaster’s Grand Theatre was built in 1781 and was one of the first permanent theatres in Britain. Reports of paranormal activity have been made since the 1800s, and disembodied footsteps are supposedly often heard near the backstage area and the stage.

There have been several spirits of past performers which reportedly haunt the site, the most notable of these being Sarah Siddons, who played the role of Lady Macbeth at the theatre in 1795. Her spirit has often been spotted by visitors and actors alike, walking across the stage or sitting in the stalls in front of the auditorium.

Another common sighting includes a past actor known as Harald, whose spirit has apparently been picked up by other investigators on many occasions.

The Haunted Rooms ghost hunt will be taking place in Lancaster on two separate dates: Saturday 11th June and Saturday 27th August, between 8 pm-2 am on both occasions.

The investigation itself will include group vigils such as Ouija board sessions and séance, lone vigils, and the use of paranormal equipment.

The price of the tickets is £39 per person, and these can be purchased from the Haunted Rooms website directly.

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