Ducks, Roses, Sugar: All the Wordles you could make based on things in Lancaster

Do you play Wordle more religiously than turning up to your lectures? Don’t worry, you’re not alone

Wordle is the new word guessing game which has taken the world, and students, by storm. If doing the daily Wordle isn’t the first thing you think of when you wake up, what are you doing? There are even TikToks being made on the word solving game, about how challenging it can be when the word makes no sense to how couples are being competitive in trying to beat their partner every morning.

For those who don’t know, let us shed some light on the rules of the game. You get six goes to guess a five letter word. For each attempt, the letters will either turn grey (letter not in word at all), yellow (letter in the wrong place), or green (letter in the right place).

So, if Wordle was made solely for Lancs students, based on words around Lancaster, what could the possible words be?

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This is the most obvious answer. If this was the Wordle of the day then probably 90 per cent of Lancs students would get it in their first guess. Although, there is only one vowel, making it slightly harder to guess than your average five letter word.


Obviously for Bowland Tower. The tallest building on campus. Needless to say that this building is just iconic.


Another tricky word to guess because it only has one vowel. But as the only five letter college, it had to be in this list. Fylde is up there in serving the best food on campus at The Mill.


The Spine is the backbone of Lancaster University’s campus. Between lectures it’s your worst enemy as you battle through the serpentine path to get from George Fox to Elizabeth Livingston. But when not in a rush the Spine is a peaceful place to wander and collect your thoughts.


Lancaster has both Pendle Rooms and Dalton Rooms, so take your pick. With two of the same vowel in the middle, this would either trip you up in a game of Wordle or make it that much easier to guess the word in only three goes. (Has anyone actually guessed the word in less than three tries? If you have, you’re a literal genius.)


“North” could have many meanings here, it could relate to north campus or the north spine.


Same with the word “South” meaning both South campus or South spine.


Bonnie steps, obviously. In the summer, Bonnie steps are the perfect place to revise and chill with friends in the sun. The ducks will waddle on over to say hello. The vibes truly are immaculate.


Norma, while you may never replace the love we have for Norman the tree (rip), you are very special by giving life to the library and making those all night study sessions just about bearable.


The most prestigious, competitive sporting event of the year! Perhaps the double “s” makes this word one of the easier words in the list.


Another really obvious answer. Wordle would probably never even choose this word as Lancs students would get it straight away, if not on the first guess then definitely the second. It wouldn’t even be a challenge.


The River Lune is an iconic part of Lancaster’s city. While “Lune” is only four letters, it can’t be a Wordle itself, sadly.


For Cafe Dolce, of course. The mango smoothies are on another level.


The Costa on campus is a safe haven for many students who need a caffeine hit before and after long library sessions.


This word fits perfectly as a Wordle and links to the Students’ Union. With three vowels, it’s also an easy word to figure out. The more vowels the better.


The sports centre is always flooded with students working out to get that much needed break from endless uni work. It’s always packed in there.


The canal is one of the best places for a nice peaceful walk to relieve stress and get some fresh air. A great walk is following the canal all the way to the aqueduct where the river flows beneath.


Chancellor’s Wharf is the student accommodation in the town centre owned by the university. It’s beside the canal and has wonderful views of the Water Witch pub.


Penny Street. That’s it, that’s the Wordle.


The Dukes is a great place with both screen and stage. Take some time out of your busy schedule to watch a film or a play. Unwind and relax.


The word “queen” here relates to the Queen Victoria statue in Dalton Square. The double “e” in the middle may catch you out, and the “qu” is not everyone’s first choice of letters to use in a Wordle.


The stage in Sugar is a fun but dangerous place. Don’t fall off and you’ll be fine.


This one speaks for itself.


The White cross pub on the canal is such a stunning location for a pub. In the summer having drinks with your friends looking across the canal is such a peaceful vibe. We can’t wait for summer to roll around.


Pendle Witch or the Water Witch pub, this word has so many connections to Lancaster.


The Court House in Lancaster is often a place many students forget exists.


Caton Court may be one of the nicest places to live in Lancaster. The apartments looks so nice, but it can be rather pricey to live there.


City block are the big towering apartment blocks in Lancaster. Many students live there and you’re never two minutes away from anywhere in town.

Do you play Wordle more religiously than turning up to your lectures? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Maybe one day Wordle will choose one of these iconic Lancaster words for the daily Wordle? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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