Lancaster University confirms in-person teaching for next term

‘We will continue to deliver in-person teaching, as planned, and provide access to labs and facilities for research’

In-person teaching will continue next term despite uncertainty around the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

Despite this, plans may be changed if a lot of staff or student become absent because of the virus and as a result, some departments may move teaching online.

Lancaster University has confirmed that students are expected to wear face coverings in lecture theatres and other teaching spaces, unless you are exempt.

An email sent out to students said that the university will be keeping inline with current government guidance proposed by the Prime Minister and will not move teaching online for next term.

The email reads: “Services and facilities such as the Library, Sports Centre and Student Support services are expected to operate as normal.”

It goes on to say: “The temporary adjustments implemented in the case of staff and student absences may be useful to help protect our community while minimising disruption to studies.”

The University recommends that everyone “takes part in regular asymptomatic testing; which means taking a test before you travel back to campus, taking another test when on campus and before you begin using facilities and attending in-person sessions.”

Further recommendations include “getting fully vaccinated; where a range of walk-in clinics have been arranged on campus and some in the local area.”

Additionally, students are advised to “follow self-isolating guidance; which includes letting the University know if you are self-isolating.”

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