Tell us about your Lancs Uni life and we’ll tell you which Red song describes your love life

November 19th couldn’t come soon enough x

Since Taylor Swift recently announced that her fourth album Red would be her next to be re-recorded and released on November 19th, we haven’t been able to contain our excitement. Typically regarded as containing some of her most iconic breakup songs, Red (Taylor’s Version) is just about the only thing that can save 2021 right now.

This year has been hard for everyone on the dating front, especially when uni life would usually allow us to meet our very own Jake Gyllenhaal, who would send us on a rollercoaster of emotions before eventually breaking our heart. But that’s some of the most important life experience uni can give you.

Do you want to scream “22” at the top of your lungs in Sugar when it reopens as you thrive off the single life? Or do you often glance out of the bus window on the way back to campus, fantasising about your new crush listening to “Everything Has Changed?” Or maybe, you’re one of the lucky ones, on a cute day out at Williamson Park with your significant other, making everyone else jealous? Whatever your dating situation, this quiz has got you covered.

After listening to this album on repeat for the last three days (because who can wait till November to relive this album?), we decided that many of these songs are too relatable (and not always in a good way). Without further ado, take this quiz below to answer the most important question right now: which Red song best describes your love life at Lancs Uni?

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