34 lyrics from Ariana Grande’s ‘Positions’ which every Lancs student can relate to

The album which has saved 2020

The queen has done it again. 2020 has gone from bad, to worse, to diabolical, and just when we thought nothing could save this year, Ariana released yet another masterpiece to save our souls. Positions is the album we never knew we needed until it was presented to us on a golden plate.

Every song on this album is a shot of perfection, finessed with a sprinkle of genius. When listening to these lyrics, so many thoughts and emotions are evoked. But there are many lyrics within this album which Lancs students will be able to relate to. Miss Grande, we can’t thank you enough.

‘Keep opinions muted for the hell of it’ – Shut up

Muting yourself in Teams seminars so you don’t have to talk in fear of saying something wrong and your thoughts being rejected.

‘Wake up in my bed I just want to have a good day’ – Just like magic

Waking up everyday hoping that today will be the day when you don’t have a breakdown and an anxiety attack in your online seminar.

‘I just want to make time for you’ – Nasty

When you try to do all your reading, seminar prep and write an essay with no time to breathe.

‘I’d love to see me from your point of view’ – pov

When your tutor says that they believe in you and that you are capable of getting a good grade in the module. Would love to see myself from the perspective of an optimistic tutor.

‘Switching the positions for you’ – Positions

When you have to move your laptop from the bed, to the living room and to your housemate’s room as you can’t get any good WIFI anywhere in your student house.

‘I don’t wanna think too much’ – West side

When you log onto Teams for your online lecture and before it’s even started you mentally shut off.

‘You know you sound so dumb’ – Shut up

Looking at yourself in the online seminar talking rubbish as the seminar tutor called on you to speak but you didn’t understand the lecture and forgot to do the reading.

’34+35′ – 34+35

Having to type everything into a calculator as you lost all ability to do simple mental maths after GCSEs.

‘I know you’re probably thinking what’s the use’ – Love language

Every uni student is thinking the same thing: what is the use of getting a degree in 2020 when the country is in national lockdown and we will all probably be unemployed for the next ten years.

‘Tell me what’s your motive’ – Motive

When your tutor fails your essay after you had twelve breakdowns writing it.

‘I’ll wait for you’ – Off the table

When you see the 100 pull up in the underpass but the 1A is on its way. I don’t care how long it will take; I will wait for you.

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‘Getting good at not leaving – pov

When you have been in self-isolation for so long that staying inside all day every day has just become the norm and you have forgotten what fresh air feels like.

‘You know I’m very delicious’ – Six thirty

Thinking about the Sultans milkshakes.

‘We started at midnight, go till’ the sunrise’ – 34+35

When you have to pull an all-nighter to finish an essay before the deadline.

‘How’d we get here so damn fast?’ – Safety net

When you forgot you were on the 1A as you usually get the 100 and end up at uni in 10 minutes.

‘Keep speaking my love language’ – Love language

When someone mentions going to Sultans after a night out. The most beautiful words.

‘Listening to some shit I wrote’ – Just like magic

Hearing your tutor read back your work.

‘Getting steps up on the treadmill’ – Obvious

When you go to the sport’s centre for the first time in ages but end up leaving after ten minutes as you forgot who unfit you are.

‘Turn my minutes into hours’ – pov

When you go to watch a pre-recorded lecture which you think will only take 50 minutes but ends up taking you three hours.

‘Are you down, what’s up?’ – Six thirty

Asking your mate if they want to go to Spoons for drinks when they have had a rough week.

‘I been eating healthy’ – 34+35

When you get a smoothie from Juicafe and count that as all your five a day.

‘How you been spending your time?’ – Shut up

When someone asks what you’re up to but you’ve been self-isolating for the past few weeks and all you’ve accomplished it re-watching Sex Education four times and devouring five tubs of Ben and Jerry’s.

‘Am I too cold am I not nice?’ – Off the table

When you first meet your flatmates in Freshers’ Week and no one wants to talk to you.

‘Know I’ll be driving you crazy’ – Six thirty

When you have to self-isolate with your flatmates for 14 days because someone tested positive for covid.

‘I’m attractive’ – Just like magic

When you look at yourself in the Teams meeting and are not listening to anyone else as you are distracted by how you look because you actually brushed your hair for the first time in three days. It’s all about that self-confidence.

‘I’ve never been this scared before’ – Safety net

When the ducks start chasing you and your Gregg’s sausage roll down the Spine. The ducks may look docile but when they get hungry they can run.

‘I been drinking coffee’ – 34+35

Getting a Costa every time you go onto campus.

‘Trying to be here from this bed’ – Off the table

Not wanting to move from your bed but you have an in-person seminar on campus.

‘You’re too good to be true’ – Positions

Eating a Sultan’s burger after a messy night out. Chef’s kiss.

‘I don’t wanna waste your time on some dumb shit’ – Just like magic

When your seminar tutor has to mark the essay you wrote in one night and submitted two minutes before the deadline.

‘Guess it fuckin’ just clicked one night’ – Shut up

When you have to read the same sentence five hundred times before it finally makes sense.

‘Redesign your brain, we gon’ make some new habits’ – Just like magic

When you decide to redesign your life and vow to be more productive at night but in the morning you sleep through all your alarms and scroll through TikTok all day instead of doing any work.

If you weren’t able to hear these lyrics in your mind, you haven’t listened to this album enough. Stop what you are doing immediately and get Positions on repeat. After everything this year has thrown at you, you deserve it.

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