Moments all Lancs students can relate to from the Fearless Singles

To celebrate the first re-recordings release, we dive into the lyrics for Lancs students

The re-recording season is upon us and the day has finally come when the queen herself drops Fearless (Taylor’s Version). Whether you are a die-hard swiftie or just one of those people who can’t help but belt out the lyrics to “Love Story” we have made a list of lyrics from the Fearless singles, Taylor’s version and the original, that any Lancaster student can relate to. 

Love Story

“We were both young when I first saw you” 

Ah, first year, who doesn’t remember being a fresh-faced fresher. Meeting your flatmates, meeting your course mates, all so long ago now, but the memories of your first interactions sit strongly in your mind.

“All there’s left to do is run”

Unfortunately, first years won’t know this moment yet, but the run from getting off of your bus straight to Sugar is the most important marathon of your life. It separates the strong from the weak and decides your place in the queue amongst all the other runners.

“It’s a love story, baby, just say, “Yes””

You’re coming back from a night out, you’re just on campus, you look to your friend and suggest “Sultans?” No better thought has ever been had, the love affair between Lancs students and Sultans truly is a love story.

You Belong With Me

“It’s a typical Tuesday night”

A typical Tuesday night used to consist of recovering from a Skint Monday, all while preparing your social outfit for a Whoops Wednesday. The times were easier.

“You belong with me” 

The ducks on campus are innocent victims. You’re on your way home from Sugar and just know that you are meant to take one home, the connection is irresistible, you are destined to be friends.

“And I know your favourite songs, And you tell me ’bout your dreams” 

You’re talking to someone you’ve just met on that night, but now you’re at the afters in town, rather than your bed on campus. The connection is unparalleled, the vibe is correct, this late-night chat has forged a friendship that will only continue on nights out, but it’s one of your dearests.

“Have you ever thought”

No, personally Taylor Swift, I do not have thoughts while at university, nor, about my degree. I am here for the vibes only.

White Horse

“I should’ve known, I should’ve known” 

You should’ve known you can’t handle your drink. You should’ve known the shots were a bad idea, but here you are, on the floor, ready to do it all again next week.

“Lead her up the stairwell”

There’s something about the toilets in Daltons/Glow being up the longest stairwells you’ll find in your life, and naturally, you only go to them with a friend. It’s the two of you vs Mount Everest.

“This is a small town”

Yes, Lancaster is a small town but it holds the key to all of our hearts.

“Maybe I was naïve” 

You really thought you could write this essay in three days? With no research? No plan? It won’t take long you said. You were more than naïve.


“You say hi to your friends you ain’t seen in a while”

Coming back from winter break, or Easter break, or the longest of them all, summer break. The best feeling is saying hi to all of your uni friends once again, knowing you’re about to make this term the best one.

“You sit in class next to a red-head named Abigail and soon enough you’re best friends” 

It’s year one, term one, week one. You sit in your first lecture, you smiled at a couple while waiting outside, and now you’re sat with one of them. You use the classic “What college are you in?” This person is your course person forever, an unbreakable bond.

“And he’s got a car”

The people at uni who save you from the 100 bus to campus or from having to tackle the hike to Williamson, these really are top tier friends.


“There’s somethin’ bout the way The street looks when it’s just rained”

So you locked yourself in the library to finish your essay, who knows how much time has passed, not you? You’re sighing as you leave and you stare at Alexandra square, glowing, wet with recent rain. When did it rain? You’ll never know.

“But you’re just so cool”

Everyone knows the ducks, especially the two particular ducks who try to steal your food when you’re sat on Alex Square steps. They are just living their lives, and honestly, you wish you were them.

“I don’t know how it gets better than this” 

Being at Lancaster on Ice, or in Sugar when the Grease Medley comes on, or just any moment when you are free from uni work. Life can genuinely not get better than that.

You all over me

“But like the dollar in your pocket, it’s been spent and traded in you can’t change where it’s been”

This is everyone pulling out the same five pound notes from the ATM to get into Sugar week in week out. If only the card machine had stuck. 

“And wasted time, lost tears”

You stress and you cry, you pull all-nighters, you get the essay in one minute before the deadline. All that stress and anticipation of the worst, for the grade to be completely fine. A waste.

“The best and worst day of June”

The 21st is rolling around quickly, but so is exam season…

Mr. Perfectly Fine

“It takes everything in me just to get up each day” 

Maybe Taylor Swift is a uni student?

“I’ve been Miss Misery since your goodbye” 

Your favourite flatmate goes home for the weekend and what now? How do you operate without them?

“I’ve been waiting for you all my life”

That first moment you enter Sultans in freshers year and you just know your life has just changed for the better.

So there you have it, a definitive list of moments from the Fearless singles that all Lancaster students can relate to. Each one just as relatable as the others. Miss Swift, how can you be so perfect?

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