Which ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ character would be in your college?

Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat

“High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” is a modern take on the iconic High School Musical film trilogy. Who doesn’t love a 2006 throwback with a 2021 twist? Season two of the Disney+ show has just launched, and the Wildcat nostalgia is hitting hard. It’s kind of like being in an alternate reality in which we’re reliving our collective childhoods… But a more interesting alternate reality would be the Wildcats studying at Lancaster University rather than East High. If that were the case which college would each of the characters be in?

County – Ricky

Ricky is one of the main characters in the show. After successfully auditioning for the role of Troy in High School Musical: The Musical, he probably became one of the more popular students at East High, which is why he would be in County, one of Lancaster’s more popular and desirable colleges. County would be the perfect place for Ricky to live as Lancaster Square would be right on his doorstep, meaning he wouldn’t have to go far to find a good place to skateboard and hang out with some fellow skater dudes. 

Overall, he’s a cool guy and gets along with everyone, so I think he’d manage well living in a Townhouse and being forced to become friends with 11 strangers in Welcome Week.  

Furness – Nini

Nini is innocent and very talented. She could be considered an underdog, much like Furness as a college. Furness is far from being the most popular college, but that is the same as Nini at the start of the series; she goes from being the back end of a cow in the musical “Gypsy” to playing the lead role of Gabriella in High School Musical: The Musical. 

Olivia Rodrigo, who plays Nini in the series, represents the Furness college colour on the cover of her debut album. Her choice of purple means she’s destined to be in Furness, right?

Fylde – E.J.

E.J. is in the water polo team, which seems to be the most popular sports team at East High for some reason, meaning he would fit in perfectly among the sporty students of Fylde. Besides his love for theatre, his personality is almost entirely that of the typical high school jock. 

Fylde is a moderately popular college, so it should suit E.J. well as he was once the coolest guy at East High, but he quickly lost his popularity and is now pretty average. 

Grizedale – Gina 

Gina is cool, stylish and liked by most of the drama club, which is why she would be in Grizedale, arguably the coolest and most popular college. She could be considered a bit of a troublemaker, like many Grizedale students, after drinking a bit too much on a night out. Still, either way, I could definitely see her hanging out and having a few cocktails in Grizedale bar.

Grizedale is often known as the party college, and as an outsider at her previous schools, Gina would do almost anything to be invited to the parties. To show her gratitude for being included, she would probably bring cake to every social event.

Bowland – Big Red

Big Red is probably one of the least popular kids at East High. Therefore, he would be in Bowland, Lancaster University’s least popular college. He’s a nice guy, but no one shows any interest in him or really pays attention to him until the final episode of season one. 

His bedroom is in the basement of his house, and it gives off serious Bowland Annexe vibes, and with him being a bit of a geek, it’s convenient that he would be living so close to the library. Bowland is the only place where Big Red would really be accepted, and that is purely on the basis that his name is the same as the Bowland college colour, meaning no other college would have any reason to accept him.

Pendle – Ashlyn 

Pendle is not the most popular college, but it is far from being the least, much like Ashlyn. She doesn’t play a key role in the series, but she’s caring, honest and loyal, and we love her for it. We all need a friend like her!

Ashlyn is artsy and cool and would definitely be accepted by fellow Pendle students. She uses lucky crystals and has a load of salt lamps in her house, giving her a witchy vibe, so she’d fit right in. 

Lonsdale – Carlos

Everyone knows that people in Lonsdale have money; imagine being able to afford catered accommodation with an ensuite! Carlos is a fancy guy who will accept nothing less than the best, which is why he would 100% be in Lonsdale. 

While some people would complain that Lonsdale accommodation is too far from all the important things on campus (Greggs, the library etc.), the distance wouldn’t be a problem for Carlos as it would give him enough time to choreograph a new dance routine and rehearse it on the way to lectures. And for those who argue that Lonsdale is a sporty college, Carlos would argue back that choreography is a sport within its own right and should be respected as such.

Cartmel – Kourtney 

As one of the make-up artists and costume designers for the musical, Kourtney cares about her image, just like how the students of Cartmel care about their college identity and not being viewed as the snobs of Lancaster University. Kourtney is loyal, supportive and ambitious, not just for herself but also for her friends. So ambitious perhaps that she would aim high enough to be in Cartmel, notorious for its expensive and prestigious accommodation?

Kourtney is up for a challenge, just like the students of Cartmel. She steps in last minute to play a role in the musical despite no rehearsal and very little warning. This is similar to the daily challenge students in Cartmel must face: the long walk from their accommodation to literally anywhere else on campus. 

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