‘The financial position of the Union is dire’: LUSU President responds to Sugar rumours

‘We need to open as soon as we believe we can make money’

A recent post on the Instagram anonymous confessions page onlylancs made a claim that the university management will not be opening the Students’ Union club The Sugarhouse until at least 2022.

The post also claimed that current LUSU president, Oliver Robinson, was completely aware of this, and lied in his re-election campaign, in which he stated: “I will ensure that the University is able to provide a full student experience.”.

Credit: @onlylancs on Instagram

The Tab Lancaster reached out to Oliver to establish whether there was any truth behind this allegation.

Oliver responded and said: “Given that the University doesn’t have any control over the Sugarhouse, that should give you an idea of the providence of the story.”

Going further, he said: “The test for me remains the same. The Sugarhouse will open as soon as it’s profitable for us to do so. It’s only profitable for us to do so if we can operate normally, at full capacity.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean June given that we’re not quite sure what the picture will be then at the moment. The financial position of the Union is dire enough that we can’t afford to make a loss even for a short while. Equally, that also means that we need to open as soon as we believe we can make money from the Sugarhouse.”

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