QUIZ: Which WandaVision era fits you based on your student life at Lancs?

We were definitely born in the wrong generation

We’ve all had that feeling at some point or another where we believe we’ve been born in the wrong generation, and with the season finale of WandaVision airing tomorrow, our obsession has grown immensely. What better way to combine these two than a quiz?

This Marvel mini-series has us going absolutely nuts. It’s cinematics, casting, plot twists and the huge amount of easter eggs hidden in plain sight has definitely made this a must-watch series. Let us not forget the wonderful relationship Wanda and Vision have, which we are full-on jealous of.

If you’re wondering whether you belong in a cheesy 50s comedy, or a 70s family sitcom, or a rendition of 2000s Malcolm in the Middle, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. The only thing you actually need to do to find out which generation you do belong in is answer a bunch of questions about your life as a student in Lancaster. Easy.

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