Anything in Lancaster could be an album cover, here’s the best

Spoiler alert: there are two with ducks

If you’ve been living under a rock (or haven’t been on TikTok) you might have missed the album cover challenge that’s been clogging the for you page for the past week. The challenge is simple; grab a couple of your videos or photos, apply a few quick filters and an explicit content sticker and you’ve got yourself an album cover. The ethos behind the challenge is that anything can be an album cover, so I decided to test it out on some of campus’ most iconic locations. Here are eight of the best Lancaster Uni album covers.

Has anyone actually been inside the ISS building? I reckon this would be one of those albums that is either just Halloween sound effects or unsettling indie music about getting lost in a building with faceless people. Spooky stuff.

I don’t know what music Norma the tree would make (maybe education music? Maybe she’s 2021’s answer to The Wiggles?) but don’t pretend you wouldn’t listen to it.

This album featuring Lake Carter could genuinely be the next Bon Iver and Taylor Swift single. I miss you, autumn on campus.

This would definitely be the album cover if those celebrities from last year released their cover of Imagine. On another note, this little heart above the Spar always cheers me up when I’m queuing for my post, and speaking of which…

I hate standing in line at the parcel collection point in Edward Roberts Court as much as the next person, but you’ve got to agree that it makes a pretty realistic-looking album cover. Those new umbrellas are really the cherry on top of the cake in this one. 

This is just my flatmate asleep in the Furness laundrette. This would be one of those ‘lo-fi beats to study to’ albums that you listen to on a Spotify private session. 

Okay, hear me out. The ducks would make an album that could be played front to back at Sugar and still slap. It’d probably also be on everyone’s Instagram stories to the point where you start to think it’s overhyped.

This is just the ducks as the cover for Olivia Rodrigo’s Driver’s License. If anyone can get a cover of the ducks singing Driver’s License, I will pay you a considerable amount of money.

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