All the opening lines you’ll definitely hear on Tinder if you’re in Lancaster

How many more ‘What college are you from’ lines can I can take?

Chances are if you’re trying the lockdown dating scene, you’ll have installed a dating app or two in order to meet the quarantine love of your life. With lockdown number three here to stay, it’s never been a better time to dip your toes into the murky waters of online dating. Even if it’s not the love of your life you’re aiming for, there’s something satisfying about mindlessly swiping left and right, waiting for the next “Hey where u from? xx”, because at the end of the day, any form of social interaction now is exciting.

With the fate of the date hanging in the balance, the perfect opening line is vital. With that being said, here’s a list of all the ones you can expect to receive if you’re in Lancaster.

The college enthusiast

Arguably the most common theme for opening lines is colleges, and if there’s anything that both unites and separates students, it’s the pride and rivalry we feel about them. This is obvious on Tinder, with so many opening lines being centred around which college you’re affiliated with.

I haven’t understood exactly how this works (yet) but it appears what college you’re in can make or break a conversation (as pictured above) – although if you’ve taken up Tinder dating then you’re probably in no shape to reject someone based on their college, but hey ho! In the true style of Romeo and Juliet, maybe a college rivalry romance is coming your way.

Hello my friend

With restrictions being altered constantly and the guidelines being changed almost daily, it seems the only consistent thing we can rely on is a good Sultans take away to ease the pain. Lancs students alike will be familiar with the famous Sultans catchphrase, so working that into the opening line seems almost impressive.

Maybe a cheeky Sultans after a socially-distanced walk when restrictions are eased?

What are you studying?

With hobbies very much quashed at the moment and any form of social life being centered around Zoom, it appears the main talking point for opening lines is what degree you’re pursuing. Whether it is genuine interest or degree top trumps to see who has the bigger workload, you can expect a fair share of opening lines asking how you’re finding your studies (and whether you’re behind on work too).

Arguably more interesting, is when your match makes the assumption of what you are studying themselves. I’ve not yet worked out how four pictures of my face and a two-sentenced bio can make you assume I’m doing a stem degree (quite the opposite) but I’m sure one day someone will guess correctly.

The one who wants to “make friends”




In these unprecedented times, meeting new people has been harder than ever. However, modern problems require modern solutions and therefore it’s not uncommon for opening lines to skip any formalities and go straight to asking for social medias. Whether these opening lines mean they want to skip the Tinder stage and go straight to Snapchat or whether they’re in it for a follower, I’ll never know. Don’t get me wrong, I love another Instagram follower as much as the next person but a hello first would be nice. I’m sure a fun quarantine hobby is making a private story for all the Tinder matches you only ever messaged on Snapchat once.

Down to duck

Bonus points for the word play, it seems the Lancaster ducks make a good wing man (wing-duck?) when it comes to opening lines. Whilst you could say it is very forward for an opening line, if you’re a resident in Lancaster you’ll know how popular the ducks are so why wouldn’t you use it to your Tinder advantage?

The cheesy one

Arguably the most infamous of Tinder openers, it’s the cheesy opening line. Love them or hate them you have to admit they are the backbone of tinder and everyone loves to laugh and groan at them every now and then. Is there a degree you can take to master the cheesy opening line? How do they think of them? Do they genuinely think it makes a good first impression? Whatever the thought process is behind a cheesy opening line they’re definitely memorable.

Online dating is hard, especially during a pandemic, so you might as well try these lines, because at the end of the day what have you got to lose?

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