Not much, just Bernie Sanders sitting down in 21 Lancaster locations

I’m fine, just waiting for Hustle to re-open it’s doors

Since the inauguration, Bernie has been everywhere. Before you panic, he’s taking every necessary precaution. Not only is Bernie masked-up and keeping his distance, but he’s even gone the extra mile by wearing protective gloves (thoughtful king).

Bernie is not the first political figure to take a scenic trip around northern England in the middle of a pandemic; he’s following one Dominic Cummings’ footsteps. But unlike Cummings, Bernie has demonstrated an appreciation for the finer things in life, deciding to take a detour through picturesque Lancashire, making sure to swing by campus to see the ducks in person. Bernie found Lancaster Castle superior to Durham’s Bernard castle despite sharing its name.

Such an expansive trip has proved tiring even for the most spritely, young students. As you can imagine, with the addition of jet lag, it’s no wonder that Bernie brought a fold-up chair along with him in case he needed a little rest during his expedition. This trip was kept discrete to avoid the accumulation of large crowds which might overwhelm Mr Sanders. Still, he didn’t want students to miss out, luckily Bernie agreed to share the snaps from his trip with the Lancaster Tab so they could be immortalised on the internet forever.

Sanders sails through the Lancs canal

Bernie goes to the county townhouses for a good party

Bernie in Bowland

Taking in those Williamson views

2-4-1 cocktails anyone?

Meet me by Norman (rip)

Petition to rename George Fox Bernie Sanders

How did I even get here?

Just a Lidl Bernie

Bernie lookin like the best lifeguard I ever seen

Waiting for a 1A

Where’s Bernie gone? Oh, he’s outside Furness

Been benchin, need a rest mate

I’m fine, just waiting for Hustle to re-open its doors

Fancy a ciggie on the steps?

I am once again asking you to meet me by Trev so we can go to Sultans


Must rest, just zoomed to Pendle Rooms

Welcome to Lancaster castle, I’ll be your tour guide this afternoon

This Greggs queue is so long I could have a sit-down

20 min walk to Cartmel?

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