We spoke to the woman who serenaded the Furys on the streets of Lancaster

Paris Fury sang Cher’s ‘Walking in Memphis’ but changed it to Morecambe

Lancaster nightlife is pretty hard to explain to outsiders. It doesn’t seem like much, but it is full of surprises. Whether that surprise is an extra Jager bomb at GLOW or finding out you took part in Crafty’s karaoke after a few doubles, a Lancaster night out is a very special one.

Whilst the majority of us are used to our night-out surprises being something along the lines of falling off a curb, 29-year-old NHS in governance worker, Jodie, found herself serenading Tyson and Paris Fury at the Corner House after fancying an Espresso Martini.

Jodie went to meet up with her friends after not seeing them for a long time due to lockdown. They had been on a bottomless brunch that naturally escalated into a night out. Jodie said: “My friends always ask me to sing if we’re having drinks and we were just sat outside and I was singing to them. Maybe like two other people were listening.”

Jodie and her friends were singing classic hits outside the Corner House pub, such as “Shine Jesus Shine” and the “Postcode Lottery song” just moments before the Fury’s decided to join in on their gig.

Jodie, @djodieo

Jodie admitted that she wasn’t sure whether Paris and Tyson were walking late or had just got out of a car across the road, but remembers “being mid ‘my heart will go on’ and there they were!”

“They were so so lovely. They listened and cheered and asked for more. You could tell they were just dead nice people who love a sing song as much as the rest of us. I sang a couple more songs and then Tyson put me on his Insta singing Adele”

The intimate gig didn’t end there, as Paris went on to sing Cher’s ‘Walking in Memphis’ but changed the lyrics to Morecambe. Jodie added: “She was a really good singer.”

Jodie said she felt really happy about the event as she is a “huge fan” of Tyson, especially because of how he uses his platform to speak about mental health issues. “I’ve loved him since he did the ‘this is a message for Sinéad O’Connor’ video.”

“I then suddenly became really nervous and probably wasn’t singing my absolute best. I had to get my friends to find the lyrics of the Adele song as I couldn’t remember the first line due to nerves. I was also thankful I didn’t hit the Prosecco hard at brunch as I doubt anyone would want to hear me singing after that.”

Jodie uploaded the video of her singing to the Fury’s about two to three weeks after it happened. “It had already been on Facebook and had a few views. But I’d seen some singing videos on TikTok and thought I’d pop it on assuming it would get two to three thousand views. I went to bed and forgot about it.”

The next day, Jodie and her husband were going away to Scotland. Jodie decided to go on TikTok during their journey and found that it had gained a lot more attention than she assumed. “I’d also gained like 1000 followers, I had around 20 before. It just kept growing ever since.”

The video has over a million views, and despite “rarely posting anything, never mind singing content” Jodie has 5000 followers, rather than the 20 she had when she uploaded it. “It’s crazy. It’s strange. It actually made me feel really vulnerable. All the comments have been lovely apart from the odd one that’s either negative about me or Tyson but they’re few and far between.

“It’s not really the negative comments that made me feel vulnerable though. Just the fact that it’s out there. I still get a bit of fear when I see there’s been a comment on it – I don’t know why.

“I told my husband how I felt and he reminded me that what anyone else thinks of me is none of my business. I think he had been listening to a podcast with Helena Bonham Carter and she’d said that. Look at me acting like I’m famous, I think I’d be a rubbish famous person based on this.”

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