Bored over lockdown? Here are the best walks around Lancaster

Great for art students who want to pretend they’re going out for ‘inspiration’

We’re nearly all the way through lockdown 2.o and some of you might be getting a little bored by now.

You might be doing the same walk everyday and you’re tired of the seeing the same thing over and over again; and some of you might not have even used your daily walks because you don’t know where to go! Well, we’ve made a list of the Top Five BEST places to have yourself a lovely lockdown stroll in Lancaster to ease those lockdown blues. Take a look!

The canal

The canal practically stretches through all of Lancaster, so it’s a nice walk wherever you are. But the best place to walk on the canal is past Chancellor’s Wharf and Aldi.

We guarantee it’s a side of Lancaster you’ve never seen. Away from the noisy crowds, the canal offers a serene walk for anyone wanting to clear their thoughts. Also, have we mentioned just how many people come to walk their dogs here? And as a bonus, there are two paths that branch off from the main canal for some extra exploration! One is accessed by crossing over a giant green bridge (here you might meet a very friendly cat), the other by going through a small fence. If you’re someone who likes the soothing sounds of water and the sight of many wagging tails, the canal is the best walk for you!

Williamson Park

Another place for dog-lovers to see their favourite animal, Williamson Park is home Lancaster’s most iconic landmark – Ashton Memorial.

Remember in first year when everyone was saying “hey we should go to Williamson to see the fireworks,” blissfully unaware of the massive hill that demands walking up to get there? Well, if you haven’t been before, we promise that that daunting trek is well worth it! Williamson Park is the perfect area to go on your “one-person, Covid-safe” walk, and it’s so picturesque. You might even fancy having a little photoshoot for the ‘gram. Plus, if you’re not a fan of the main landmark, there are loads of other really cool decorative buildings to discover – you need only have a wonder around.

Lancaster Castle

If you’re not one for nature walks, Lancaster Castle has you covered. The café might not be open right now, but taking a peak inside this gorgeous structure is so worth your time. Just think of it this way: this is a walk for your culture, you get to imagine what it would be like to be a king or a queen, walking gracefully through the courtyards, with servants and advisors chasing after you because you’re the most important person in the world. Isn’t that the energy we need to overcome another lockdown? We thinks yes.

The Woodland Trail

This ones for our fellow campus residents. If you don’t feel like paying the bus fair to go into town just for a walk, that’s totally fair (also, you’re probably not actually allowed to anyway). Lucky for you guys, the Woodland Trail exists and it’s right outside your door! The Woodland Trail basically loops around the entirety of campus, the best parts of it being behind County, Fylde, Pendle and Lonsdale colleges. It’s a nice way to get out of your uni rooms and get some fresh air. Beware, it can get a bit muddy!

Top tip: this is also a great route to run around, too, if you fancy following in the steps of so many others who decided to go on a lockdown “health kick” and then gave up two weeks later.

Fairfield Nature Reserves

We’re sure many of you didn’t even know this place existed! Well, that’s okay, the Fairfield Nature Reserves are kind of hard to find if you don’t already know where to go. This one is kind of two walks in one, because to find the path that leads to the Reserves you have to walk down the Canal (past Chancellor’s Wharf). This walk takes you through forests and fields, with sheep and various wildlife all around. It’s one of the longer walks on this list and can take a minute to get to, but perfect for those people that miss the outdoors and animals.

We hope this list helps you find your next Lockdown walk destination! If you go to any of these places, make sure to take some pictures and send them to our Instagram! We’d love to feature them on our page.

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