Meet the Lancs uni girls behind @come_hinde_with_me

Their delicious uni meals put us all to shame

You may or may not be following @come_hinde_with_me on Insta, but you really should be. With cheap, healthy, delicious recipes, the Hinde girls are a must follow for all Lancs uni students.

The Tab Lancaster interviewed the four girls behind the page, to find out more about them, how they have such an astounding cooking ethic, and to get some top tips for uni students eating on a budget.

What are your favourite meals?

Chef Liz, business management: Lasagna

Chef Ashley, law: Chinese duck pancakes

Chef Ellie, law: Chicken bhuna

Chef Becky, history and politics: Prawn linguine

What is @come_hinde_with_me?

We wanted to create a fun name that incorporates food and us. We live on Hinde Street, so we thought we’d combine where we live with Come Dine With Me. We are a food page that wants to inspire low cost, delicious and healthy meals.

We started the account as we love cooking together every day, wanted to improve and want all students to experience delicious food like we do. We are eating healthier and more delicious meals at uni compared to at home!

What are your favourite meals to cook?

Liz – Enchiladas: “They’re quick, easy and very delicious”

Ellie – Pork in creamy garlic sauce: “We all enjoy garlic and it’s a bit different to chicken (which we always have)”

Becky – Roast dinner: “It ends the week on a high and brings people together”

Ashley – Salmon traybake: “I love fish as it’s healthy and really easy to make”

What is the worst uni meal you have had?

When Ashley made a Christmas dinner for our flat last year Liz accidentally put the roast potatoes in the grill. She’s improved massively since then.

The worst meal that Ellie has witnessed is cocktail sausages stuck in mashed potato – not our idea of a good meal!

Who is the best cook in the house?

This is a hard question as we all bring our own strengths to the kitchen. When it comes to a roast dinner, it’s Becky. For tray bakes it has to be Ashley. When it comes to pasta Liz is the best and Ellie is so good at making a creamy sauce.

Who is the messiest cook?

None of us are messy, our biggest pet peeve is a messy kitchen so we’re always on top of it. If we had to choose it would be Ellie, as she’s no stranger to getting sauce on the walls!

How do you balance cooking meals with uni work?

Before we go food shopping on Mondays when we plan what we’ll cook that week, we also plan who will cook on what day. This saves us a lot of time as we do work in the day then only have to cook one meal a week for everyone so we can balance our studies quite well. We’d definitely recommend some sort of rota like we do because it saves so much time when we have a lot to do for uni.

Do you have any advice for students on cooking healthy and a budget? What are your top tips?

Our biggest tip is to pre-plan your meals; this ensures that there’s no food waste and you don’t overspend when you do your weekly shop. For example, we all plan a meal that we cook each week and put our ingredients on the weekly shopping list. We recommend going to Lidl or Aldi as these are a lot cheaper for the same quality.

As for healthy meals, we recommend staying away from freezer food when you can and try to incorporate one form of fruit or veg into every meal. At the end of the week, throw all your leftover food into a stir fry, which we do every week! This ensures that you are using everything you bought in your food shop.

Finally, what are your plans for the page?

We really enjoy doing giveaways when we have spare ingredients as we hate waste. When Covid is over, we’d love to look into deliveries but as we’re so busy we’ll have to do this when our deadlines aren’t approaching, however, if our followers really want this, we’d love to do it! This is also a great opportunity to make some money on the side of our busy studies!

Don’t forget to follow @come_hinde_with_me on Instagram, for some serious uni meal inspiration!

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