Lancs students can face exclusion if they are found to have a mixed household gathering

Consequences include fines, exclusion from campus and permanent exclusion from the uni

Lancaster University students can face temporary or permanent exclusion from the University if they are found hosting a gathering in their house or garden with anyone outside of their household.

House parties are usually the best part of Freshers’ Week, there’s nothing like meeting your neighbours and playing beer pong with your housemates until you get whisked off to Sugar. However this year, mixing with another household, whether it be in your garden or a house party, can leave Lancaster University students with police fines of up to £10,000 and permanent exclusion from the University.

In a statement from Lancaster University, a spokesperson said: “We are delighted to welcome our students back and want them to get the most out of their time with us at Lancaster. The health and safety of our students and staff is our absolute priority.”

A spokesperson for Lancaster University also explained that holding a gathering has to abide by the University’s regulations: “Students at Lancaster are subject to the same laws and guidelines as the broader community, as well as being subject to the University’s regulations. The law states that you may not currently have a gathering in your house or garden which includes anyone outside of that household. Failure to comply with this law could result in a police fine up to £10,000.”

If students are found to be breaking the law, this would also be in breach of University regulations: “resulting in the possibility of a fine, exclusion from the campus, or temporary or permanent exclusion from the University. Freshers reps have been made aware of the guidelines and we expect them, at all times, to behave in a manner that does not breach University regulations or the law, and that sets an example for other students.”

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