Generation is set to re-open on the 4th July after closure during the pandemic

Generation is planning to open as a bar with reduced capacity levels

Lancaster’s beloved nightclub Generation are making plans to re-open on the 4th July after meeting with the council last week.

In a statement released exclusively to The Lancaster Tab, a spokesperson for Generation said: “If the restrictions don’t change then we are looking at re-opening Saturday 4th July, unfortunately at this point we won’t be allowed to have the dance floor open, however we are currently adding more tables and chairs into the premises to create a more of a ‘bar’ feel rather than a ‘nightclub’.

“We are looking at a new ordering system where people can order drinks from their tables. Capacity will be at a reduced level and for at least the first four weeks we expect that people will have to pre-book tables and seats with their selected times they would like to arrive and leave.

“Our drinks menu will be slightly more restricted but will still hold all the basics.

“We have been asked to serve everything in disposables or bottles and we are going to be re-training all our staff with the new deep clean rotas for the venue which will take place as we are open throughout the night.

“We also hope that our opening hours will be allowed to be the same, but this is something we are awaiting to hear about from the government at a later date.”

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