‘Threw up on the bar in Hustle’: We asked for your best Lancs night out stories and you did not disappoint

Just want a night out x

It’s seven weeks into lockdown which essentially means it’s been seven weeks since any of us had a night out. On Wednesday evenings, its become easier to have one or two vodka lemonades because that’s what you would have done pre-lockdown, and we’ve replaced Dalton’s Epic Friday’s with zoom drinks. It’s not what we wanted for Roses or the end of the year, but we’re working with it and whenever anyone asks we remain adamant that we’re “absolutely fine”.

To reminisce on the better times of Sugar and Daltons, we asked you for your best Lancaster night out stories, and you did not let us down.

“I decided to have a nap on the toilet in Daltons, I slept for 40 minutes”

Hannah, a second year student recounted the time she took herself to Daltons toilets for a quick tactical chunder, which ended up not being very quick at all.

“I found myself somewhat bored with the situation, because I just kept spewing, so I remember deciding to have a little rest and leaning my head on the toilet. I passed out and woke up to about 15 missed calls from 40 minutes ago.

“In my drunken state I realised I had finally taken it too far, and I was aware I needed to sober up. The obvious way to do this to me was to put some headphones in. I decided classic Taylor Swift was the right vibe for this. I began my stumble back down Daltons stairs blasting ‘Love Story’.

“By this point, I had fallen into the very bad habit of texting my friends “haha help!” drunkenly when I was in a perfectly fine situation. To prevent becoming the liability of my friendship group, we set a code word: Boy who cried wolf. If I sent this, then they knew there was an actual problem. This was the first time I used to code word, but it was probably untranslatable, like ‘By ho ried wol’ or something. I then bumped into a previous shag who kindly got me some water and got me home. Not my best moment.”

“I spent the whole night dancing with my hand in a cup of ice”

First year student, Zofia, recalled a night where she burnt her hand with Mac n Cheese at pres but still had the uncontrollable desire to go out to the club.

“I still have the scars. I really wanted to go out to the club so I spent the whole night dancing with my hand in a cup of ice.”

“I vommed in Sugar toilets and fell asleep, they found me as they were closing up”

Grace, a final year student confessed that she found hospitality in Sugar toilets after going out on zero sleep due to an all-nighter doing essays.

“I was so tired after pulling an all nighter to finish essays on the last night of term that I went out on zero sleep. I vommed in Sugar toilets and fell asleep. I somehow managed to lose my nose ring.

“I woke up when they were shutting and checking no one was inside still.”

“A taxi driver asked to rub my mates foot”

Final year student Millie told us about an interaction with a Taxi driver she had trying to get home after Fylde strav.

“It was third year so some of us lived on campus and some of us lived in town. Nat, my pal, had to get a taxi by herself in the end and she was speaking to the taxi driver, when it (somehow???) got onto the topic of how he had a foot fetish.

“He asked if he could rub her feet and said he’d give her £20 and the ride home would be free- that’s £13 taxi saved and a £20 profit to literally sit there, so she was basically like yeah sure.

“He had lotion in the car which is probably the worst bit and he used that on her feet. Best part is, Fylde was night two. She lost her phone and purse at Lonnie the night before, and she only had a small amount of physical money on her until her new card came, so she needed some money for Furness, night three. The taxi driver footrub made it so she could go to night three.”

“I drunkenly applied for Pendle president”

Chris, a grad student, said that a particularly drunken evening led to him applying for Pendle president in his first year.

“It was that classic time in first year a few weeks after Freshers’ Week when you’re extremely lost and insecure but slightly cocky, and crucially getting more complacent with your alcohol tolerance.

“At this time, Pendle were hosting their elections, at which I thoroughly looked into. For several reasons, sober me thought running for president would be a ridiculous idea. However, this was a Wednesday evening and a frisky game of Ring of Fire soon changed that mindset.

“A rather long Sugarbus journey later and my bio for president, along with two much more senior and competent candidates, was up. My alcohol levels meant that I soon forgot about this. Towards the end of the night, I was approached by a member of the JCR who grilled my (then forgotten) bio, which understandably had some largely grammatical errors. I was soon rightly put to shame.”

Chris withdrew his application for president the next day.

“Got whisked to A&E after jumping off a wall after a Hustle night”

Third year student, Lucy recounted the wild days of Hustle, with one night in particular leaving her with ankle pain even two years later.

“I was walking home from Hustle with my housemate (another friend had won a bottle of Vodka that night so we were extremely drunk). I thought it would be a good idea to jump off a wall to know about 30 seconds off the journey.

“Ended up landing on my ankle bad and it went up to about twice it’s size. Couldn’t walk on it anymore so ended up going to A&E for an X-Ray only to be told there was absolutely nothing wrong.

“Pretty mortifying. The staff were all absolutely sound and such good crack though. They found the whole situation hilarious and even posed for pictures with out inflatable guitars that we stole from Hustle. RIP Hustle, gone but never forgotten.”

“Dressed up as a DJ, I tried to convince the Sugar DJ that I had a set after him.”

Third year, Jess, recalled attending a social where the theme was “what I want to be when I got up.” She put shades on and brought her beats headphones to secure her dream of being a DJ.

“I got into Sugar and had a bit too many VKs. I went up to the sugar DJ and told him that I was a DJ and needed to set up for my set next. He believed me and said yeah of course just come round the back and you can get ready to play.

“This scared me so me and my friend ran away. The rest of the night I decided to have my own silent disco because the tunes in Sugar were not to my liking, I put my beats headphones on and began listening to some tech house, whilst everyone else was listening High School Musical and Frozen playing in Sugar. I felt so sorry for all my friends having to listen to that, so we ended up passing my headphones round so that everyone could listen to some good music.”

“Stole someone’s rubber duck, spent the evening necking it with my mates”

Second year student, Bella, woke up after a Whoops Wednesday in bed with a pink rubber duck with no recollection of how she attained it. It was only when she went through her friends Insta stories the next day where the story unfolded.

“It is a lovely duck, I still have it, it’s pink and has a tiara. It turned out that I had stolen it from a Biology student who for some reason was carrying two around Sugar.

“That’s the duck. Everyone loved her, probably too much.”

“I thought it was harmless, until I saw my flatmates girlfriend’s Instagram story. Not only had the duck featured in every photo taken that night, but my behaviour with said rubber duck was absolutely outrageous. There was one vid, where my flatmate was holding the duck near his crotch and I was just liking the ducks beak. First year me was completely unashamed and thought it was hilarious. I now, realise this is tragic.”

“Throwed up on the bar in Hustle, didn’t even get kicked out.”

Lydia, a second year student remembered a time where she was kicked out of Sugar for being “too drunk.”

“Me and a friend thought bugger this, let’s head to Hustle, as you do, where we headed straight to the bar for a classy blowjob shot. This obviously pushed me over the edge.

I puked over the bar and they just asked me to sit down for a bit and told me I’d be alright. RIP Hustle.”

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