People are confused about the new gov guidelines, but not about these new Lancs memes

When it comes to memes nothing has ever been clearer

Following Boris’ new government guidelines many people have been left in a state of confusion and uncertainty towards how to stay alert to the virus. In trying times like these laughter is the best form of therapy. If comical respite is in demand then the Lancaster Tab must deliver. Specifically, memes in the form of catchy slogans that relate to everyone’s favourite Lancaster University quirks.

If our new instructions for how to go about daily life can be so easily summed up in 3 simple phrases, why can’t Lancfessions? Or morning trips to Greggs? Or nights out at sugar? Upon this realisation, the Lancaster Tab have compiled a list of 21 memes which present daily uni occurrences in the form of three step plans.

1. How every night pans out

Everyone’s favourite part of the night and sometimes the only thing that convinces us to go out.

2. A lot more of a common occurrence than we’d like to admit

Always after Whoops Wednesday.

3. It even works with the chants you learnt in Freshers week

Even more catchy with a new flashy format.

4. The one you need to remind yourself of before a night out

We’re going to need this one tattooed on the inside of our eyelids.

5. For the culinary genius among us

It’s been a long day.

6. For when you’re in your feelings

Make it oddly specific yet indescribably vague.

7. For when its just too tempting

If there’s no queue then it’s criminal not to go in.

8. Why you always lying…

When you put it like this it almost seems illogical.

9. Reminiscing on Fresher’s Week

Who’s that on my camera roll 6 months ago?

10. Rinse and repeat


11. For when you forgot to alphabetise your bibliography

Thanks for the feedback but I wrote that a lifetime ago, I’ve changed.

12. How to make new friends at Lancs Uni

“Oh that’s cool, what’s it like over there?”

13. When all you wanted was a personal chef

There’s no washing up after a Pot Noodle.

14. Listen to your friends

Making toast in the kitchen becomes unbearably awkward.

15. When you already waste enough money as it is

In the words of Rihanna: “Baby, this is what you came for.”

16. Lectures are on moodle for a reason

It’s the thought that counts, right?

17. For when Facebook becomes your therapist

More likes = greater self-validation, it’s just that nobody knows it was me. Does that count?

18. For when you wish you never asked

“When I said I wanted a sporty boy, this is not what I meant.”

19. For when your friends can’t hang

Not the healthiest of ways to deal with emotions, but affective.

20. For when you can always re-read the slides later

Leaving the lecture early means a smaller queue for a sausage roll

21. The new student norm

Guess I’ll just sit in the library and despair.

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