Are you classy, boujee or nasty based on your ideal Lancaster night out?

Beyonce said I’m a SAVAGE

It’s almost been a week since Beyonce hopped onto the Tik Tok famous Megan Thee Stallion song, ‘Savage’. Whilst you might think you’re cool for pretending to have never heard it, everybody knows that you have. Stallion’s ‘Savage’ is THE Tik Tok bop, and even had a Tiger King remix. But there is no remix like a Beyonce remix, and having listened to the track at least 156 times, all you will find yourself asking is: Am I a savage?

Beyonce seems to clarify some pretty clear rules on how to become a savage in her verses. These rules include: Jumping to put jeans on, owning a two seater vehicle, dancing on Tik Tok and having an OnlyFans. Whilst many of us have been exploiting Tik Tok to cure lockdown boredom, Queen B’s rules just aren’t that relatable for us Lancs Student Savages.

So, if you’ve found yourself wondering: Am I classy? Or boujee? Or could I even be nasty? We’re here to help.

Follow the quiz below to define your perfect Lancaster night out, and we’ll tell you what kind of savage you are.

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