Lancaster first years are chopping their hair off in quarantine, and it is a vibe

We collected the best ones

Three weeks into lockdown and everyone is on the brink of an isolation crisis. While in quarantine, what else is there to do other than contemplate your whole identity and decide to chop off all your hair, or worse, shave it all off? The Lancaster Tab has asked Lancs students to show us their before and after quarantine hair transformations. From cutting to shaving to dying hair, we are here to rate these quarantine hairDOs and hairDON’Ts.

If there is a time to go absolutely reckless and dye your hair candy pink just for fun, then now’s the time. No one is going to see you if it goes horribly wrong, so might as well experiment to make the most of a global pandemic keeping everyone inside. But was it actually worth it? We will be the judge of that.

Mathew, first year, English language and creative writing

Okay, this is not that bad. It has been a current trend for boys to shave their heads in quarantine. I just don’t understand this. Are boys getting THAT bored that the idea of grabbing a razor and cutting it all off is the only thing left to do? It’s not as if most boys’ hair is high maintenance.

Somehow, Mat’s shave seems to present him as a softboi icon. The frames and the shave are an edgy combo, it definitely works. The Airpods are a huge flex though.

Bravery: 8/10 – A bold choice.

Looks: 9/10 – If I saw Mat on the Spine I’d assume he’s president of the Fashion society.

Vibes: 8/10 – Lower maintenance, and the illusion that you’re effortlessly cool? Vibe.

Will, first year, biochemistry

Wow, okay, this is a complete transformation! Even the beard and moustache has gone. Dedication. You definitely seem happier now it has all been shaved off. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. We have to admit we prefer the ‘before’ pic, a dark and handsome Prince Charming. But this is a time for change, and creds to you for being able to pull off both looks. I applaud you for your bravery.

Bravery: 10/10 – Very brave, well done.

Looks: 6/10 – A Prince Charming look, lost to the razors of lockdown. Gone but never forgotten.

Vibes: 7/10 – Vibing with how happy you look.

Emily, first year, linguistics

Lets be real, Emily looks stunning in both, and we’re here for the new trip. The blonde is gone, alike to our summer exams, and its a vibe. Not everyone can pull off short hair, especially after it being so long before. But this hair transformation is a positive success. Deffo a hairDO.

Bravery: 8/10 – Going from super long hair to short is a brave decision.

Looks: 9/10 – Incredible, can you please cut my hair?

Vibes: 10/10 – Perfect, speechless.

Halle, first year, English literature and creative writing

This hair transformation may not be as extreme or dramatic as the others, but a new fringe can be scary for some, a new commitment – am I ready? Halle looks clearly ready for her new level of commitment, happy and glowing. You’ve got our support. A  true hair transformation glow up.

Bravery: 6/10 – Not the most dramatic change but still a brave choice to go shorter.

Looks: 8/10 – You can’t deny this new style suits Halle, effortlessly cool.

Vibes: 9/10 – Sunshine vibes, so much yellow.

Beth, first year, English literature and creative writing

Proof that just because there is nothing to do, grabbing the first box of hair dye you see will probably lead to disaster.

Beth gave The Lancaster Tab some sweet advice on quarantine chops: “Don’t use mysterious hair dye you found at the back of the shelf just because you are bored.”

Hate to say it Beth, but we agree. Whilst there’s confidence to be bright and bold, we wonder how inspired you were by the latest Joker film.  Beth assured us that the dye didn’t really take to her hair, so whilst it might not have been a waste of the endless time in lockdown, this is a hairDON’T.

Bravery: 8/10 – A very brave colour.

Looks: 6/10 –  Hope the colour sticks next time.

Vibes: 7/10 – Totes vibing with the green.

All in all, if you want to change it up, quarantine is the time to let your hair down then chop it all off. But be careful, lock down may be lifted in a few months so hopefully your hair will grow back by then. Or if your dye goes horribly wrong, it may be a while until you can get it fixed at the hairdressers.

If you change up your hair during quarantine, we would love to see more of your looks. Send us your lockdown chop glow-ups on Insta!