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The best Lancs library spots for crying, napping and eating

I’ve taken one for the team so you don’t have to.

It's week two, everyone's already three weeks behind with work, and no-one understands a single one of their modules. The library is crammed with students on the verge, necking coffees, 5 deadlines deep, ready for a meltdown. Nothing like paying £9k a year for this cycle of pain.

One thing they don't say in Freshers' talks is where the best place is in the library for the most important student well-being practices: Crying, napping and eating Greggs uninterrupted. It's a travesty really! This key information should be printed on your offer letter.

The sofas on A Floor

It's not quite a home comfort, but the closest the library offers to being snug in bed. The cushion on it is well worn down, and there's no pillow, but that slight padding is honestly a library luxury. There's little dividers between each seat so no-one's going to know if its' Love Island on your screen or the ten lectures you wish you didn't miss last term. Also, tried and tested, they're just the right size to nap in if your body weight and height is similar to that of a pre-teen. Beware, foot flow is high in these little spots, so if you're avoiding responsibilities, or don't want to be seen crying, then this is not the library spot you're looking for.

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Comfort is key x

A pod

The luxury, high-end option to library crying. You're alone, no-one can see your tears, judge your crumbs, or hear your snores. However, this is only an option if you're good at planning ahead. If you tend to pre-plan your meltdowns then this would be the dream. Hindsight really does see in 2020. Be prepared to have to kick the person before you out in order to get this crying spot. If you're a human on the verge this can be a bold move, think of the awkwardness of booting someone out before you book that pod.

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Remember at all times to hide your napping face

Reading room

The perfect place to cry if you only want to exacerbate you self loathing. The sound of the tear hitting the table top will make a hundred heads turn, and the need to be silent might even force you to get a grip. Just imagine the face of the person to your left as your Gregg's wrapper rustled open. This is definitely not a crying or eating spot unless you are beyond confident. It isn't highly recommended, but napping in here could be ultimate location, after all, it is deadly silent. This is the serene option, with the downside of being the most judgmental place on campus.

The toilet

When booking a pod just isn't feasible. Everyone can resonate with this scenario, came out of a tough lecture or an extremely interactive seminar and just needed some time to get your shit together. It's quite, persona; and unless something goes extremely wrong you won't be interrupted. If you've ever wondered why the queue is always massive, it is because this is the undeniable best location for a cry. Eating in this location, however, should be avoided at all times. It smells like an airplane toilet, and imagine dropping your Greggs down the loo, bail on that.

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Bonus points if you steal the loo roll for home

The basement

Like a breakdown and an adventure all in one. No-one really knows what's down there, maybe it's just full of students having a cry. The university should really just turn this into a napping space. Petition anyone??

If all else fails?

Just cry down the spine, it is so damn busy at the minute that not a soul would notice anyway. Be free, eat your Greggs in a lecture and nap in the learning zone. Uni was just built for crying, napping and eating at the end of the day.