Lancaster is the eighth best university in the UK

Can nothing stop us?

The Guardian has released their 2017 uni rankings and it’s trebles all round for Lancaster. Hot off the heels of beating Oxbridge in one table and coming ninth in another, Lancaster this time has been ranked as the eighth best university in the UK.

Obviously Oxbridge grab the top spots, while Warwick and Bath apparently bottled this year as Loughborough really pulled their fingers out. Lancaster jumped a modest two places over these fallen giants.

As for our pals at York, UCUM and UCLan? York came 19th, UCLan a distant 87th and UCUM a horrendous 117th. Out of 119.

Lancaster scored particularly highly for the following subjects:

Accounting & Finance – 8th

Business, management & marketing – 8th

Drama & dance – 5th

Chemical engineering – 6th

Mechanical engineering – 2nd

Geography & environmental studies – 5th

History – 7th

Mathematics – 6th

Religious studies & theology – 10th

Sociology – 4th

As everyone knows, league table performance is the sole determinant of a university’s quality and thus we should feel justified in using this to add to our already massive sense of smug entitlement. Huzzah!