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We asked people at Moondance Festival how far they would go to save Fabric

They wouldn’t kill a man

Meet Harvey Falshaw: the Fresher who ‘tore up the stage’ at Latitude

There was a twitter campaign to #findharvey

Overheard at Latitude

The festival of choice for the discerning Waitrose shopper

What it’s like to live with your ex-girlfriend

‘I made a huge mistake’

I partied at an Icelandic festival in 96 hours of continuous sunlight

The sun never sets on Secret Solstice

I’m spoiling my ballot and you should too

Sod you and your poxy referendum, Dave

The Sugarhouse accepts highly-coveted Tab award as one of the worst clubs

If all else fails, be a good sport

The Sugarhouse voted in the top 20 worst clubs in the UK

Surprising no-one

The Life of a Campus Cop in Lancaster

He had to remove a sex doll hanging out of the window once

Exclusive: An interview with the campus ducks

They have a lot to say

Lancaster is the eighth best university in the UK

Can nothing stop us?

Spare a thought for the poor people still using BlackBerries

Where else can I get a physical keypad though

LUSU want you to vote on massive changes this Thursday

But is it all good news?

Your uni experience is nothing without a bin party

They’re messy and they’re trashy, just like you

We spoke to the junior doctors striking outside Lancaster Infirmary

One sign said ‘honk if you support the junior doctors’ – it was cacophanous

LUSU are campaigning against a student block next to Sugarhouse

The last thing we need is another club closure

Everything you learn studying Computer Science

Ay world what’s happenin fam

Reincarnation is real. What was your past life?

This is a rigorous and scientific process

Lancaster student who joined ISIS reportedly killed in Syria

His brother is also reported dead

Working a bunch of part-time jobs is better than a full-time job could ever be

Cash rules everything around me

Everything you learn living with French flatmates

C’est fantastique!

The Green Ayre won’t be reopening any time soon

RIP Bottom ‘spoons, we knew thee well

Girls in gender-neutral clothes are fit

It says John Carpenter films, not Richard Curtis ones

These are Lancaster University’s goofiest modules

I’m sure Postmodern Dance will teach you how to be a really edge barista

Grammar schools were the best thing about our education system

The only ones who fear meritocracy are those with nothing to offer

If your club doesn’t have a photobooth, what’s even the point?

All the drinking has led to this point

Exams are meaningless, so why are we still doing them?

You’re effectively getting a First based on your performance in a pub quiz

Which college has the most international students?

Shocker: it’s not Lonnie

Is this LUSU presidential candidate taking the piss?

He’s pledging to ‘make LUSU great again’

There will be no more A Wing raves in HM Prison Lancaster

It’s all gone a bit Pete Tong

Forget gay marriage, where’s my straight civil partnership?

Shacking up with whoever you want should be a human right

Odds on you reading this article

Everyone’s doing it

Bourne is the real jewel of the Midlands

B-O-U. R-N-E. M-A-S-S-I-V-E. With a knick-knack paddiwack, give a dog a bone

Why Gin is the drink of kings, queens and in-betweens

Vodka can sod off-ka

Missing Lancaster student has been found

He’s currently in hospital with his siblings

I taught sex ed to a bunch of sixth formers

My CV is getting more eclectic by the day

I mean it when I say it: CU are the nicest people on campus

They’re really lovely and don’t care who knows it

All the things you hear when you are the messiest housemate

Only in my room can I truly be zen

Carnage returns to Lancaster and we’re giving away FREE SHIRTS

You just have to be willing to share your embarrassing photos

Lancaster can’t decide if it’s going to get flooded or not

We have clearly angered a vengeful god

LUSU rebrand Cowboy & Indian themed night at Lonsdale

It was deemed ‘totally innapropriate’

Lancaster is one of the worst unis for free speech – and it’s embarrassing

Language policing has gone too far

Lonsdale gets almost 10 times as many disciplinaries as everyone else

Naughty naughty

Second year house on Green Street was robbed over the weekend

They took a PS4 and other, less important things

An update on life in Lancaster following the floods

Lootings are definitely a problem

Life in the eye of Storm Desmond

Everyone’s losing their shit

In defence of legal highs

It’s my body and I can ruin it however I like

Weirdest Tinder bios in Lancaster

’15, Facebook wouldn’t let me change my age’

Clubbers of the week: Harry Potter edition

The goblet of Jack Daniel’s Fire

Meet the Instafamous Law third year who’s a fitness sensation

She’s sure other lawyers could catch up if they ‘put a bikini pic up once in a while’

Everyone sucks but us: Why Pendle own this joint

Pendle > your shit college

Pendle window is hanging on for dear life

Classic Pendle ghetto

Clubbers of the week: Halloween edition

It’s that time of the year where you try to look bad on purpose

Mr Gatward talks: Fresher explains his heinous crimes

Who got the Gat?

Deputy Dean accidentally CC’s in entire undergrad cohort in private correspondence

The day Mr Gatward became a BNOC

Clubbers of the week

Were you fit enough to get in?

How to pull off being a terrible frep, by a frep

It’s not about not getting drunk, it’s about still being semi-functional when you are

Freshers 2015: An A-Z of Drinking Games

There’s more than just Ring of Fire

Here’s every Freshers 2015 event by college

It’s gonna be a biggie

I played a drinking game in my exam and it was a terrible idea

It tastes like failure

A new alternative club night is coming to Yorkshire House

Lancaster’s getting Rawkus

REVEALED: This year’s Extrav Week themes are weirder and better than ever

Do it right

The essential guide to shagging in the library

A guide to getting your rocks off where others get their read on

Clubbers of the week: Extreme exam drought edition

Exams? What exams?