Swansea Uni student shares experience of netball trials and claims girls were left crying

The netballers were likened to Mean Girls’ Regina George

A Swansea Uni student described her experience at university netball trials on Tik Tok calling them “brutal” and “hell”.

Liv, from Swansea Uni created a video titled “Would rather spend £20 on the Wii sports society tbh” and started by telling viewers how she was “branded like cattle” with a pen then “herded into a court” by the netball girls. She then says that it seemed to be based on luck who got through and that some of the girls that did manage to get through to the next stage “ended up crying”.

Liv continues by saying that during the experience, she has “never felt so shat on by older girls since [she’d] been at school”.

She claimed that the trial was “brutal” and “hell” and compared it to the X Factor as the girls who were trialling were grouped together at the end and told the girls that they didn’t make it into the team in a supposedly patronising manner.

Liv ended the video by claiming that the girls were like something out of a sorority and were “American-type Regina Georges”.

The TikTok at time of writing has 1.5 million views, 155k likes and over 1000 comments which included someone recommending hockey society instead and one other person saying that “social netball is way better anyway”.

This feeling about netball trials, however does not seem to be just at Swansea as one commenter noted: “[My uni] is this but against actual Olympians, it’s like the six-chair challenge but it’s you vs Beyonce for the last seat”. 

The Tab Cardiff contacted Swansea University’s Student Union and Swansea University’s Netball Team for comment but did not receive a response.

Feature Picture: Tik Tok @livevee

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