Cardiff University named as top uni for sports societies

Cardiff University came sixth in the whole of the UK

Cardiff University has been named the sixth sportiest university in the whole of the UK, according to research done by PureGym.

Cardiff University was placed sixth after PureGym stated the uni has 73 sports teams with over 5,000 members across all the teams.

The research by PureGym ranked each UK university, and Cardiff just missed its place in the top five by one society; UCL came fifth with 74 sports teams.

Lancaster and Oxford topped the list with 81 sports teams each.

Lancaster also features in the list comparing the amount of sports teams per student.

We worked out that for Cardiff Uni, there are around 450 students per sports club; Lancaster has 180 students per sports club.

PureGym stated the aim of the research was ‘to help prospective students find the right place of study for them’.

Gair Rhydd spoke to the President of the Athletic union, who said: “Cardiff University has produced some top-level sportspeople over the years, including former WBO and WBA light heavyweight boxing world champion Nathan Cleverly, and Olympic 1500m runner Jake Heyward, and with this new ranking as sixth sportiest UK university, we will be hoping to add to that list.”

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