‘Can I get a hoya?’: TikToker interupts Cardiff Uni lectures

The TikTok has over 650k views


On Tuesday 4th of October, a TikToker named Ryan Katral, with the username @itsryankatral interrupted a second-year law class in the Centre for Student Life. He entered the lecture theatre and shouted: ‘can I get a hoya?’

The response to the TikToker’s outburst was confusion and silence, which after a moment turned into laughter.


Ryan Katral was visiting Cardiff city for a few days and decided to drop in on the university not just once, but multiple times. He also posted a video interrupting a seminar and asked the students (and lecturer) to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

After posting these events on TikTok, Ryan Katral was met with comments such as “You could feel the embarrassment in the air” and “I was there and I’ve never heard silence like it […] embarrassing”.

Another comment said: “Me after drinking Cathays tap water”.

Even though viewers questioned his actions, deeming them embarrassing, Ryan Katral did not stop interrupting students. He was brave enough to enter and disrupt another tutorial the very next day.

Not only did Ryan Katral disrupt Cardiff Uni, but there is also a video of him in town at the ice blast stall in St David’s shopping centre, drinking the slush from his hands. After Cardiff, it seems that he made his way into Swansea Uni to scream in a corridor.


Cover Image: TikTok @itsryankatral

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