Heidi’s Bier Bar has arrived in Cardiff and we’re here to give you the rundown

Four litre drinks towers? Three floors of après-ski vibes? We’ll see you there

If you’ve been missing out on ski season this winter then fear not – Heidi’s has arrived in Cardiff and they’ve got you covered. From shots served in a ski to reindeer murals watching you pee, there’s a snowy Scandinavian surprise around every corner and we’re here for it.

Cocktail and beer towers all night every night

Despite the name, we can confirm that Heidi’s does serve more than just beer. The drinks menu is endless and you’ll want to order as many as you can just to see how they’re presented. We won’t give away any spoilers, but expect sparklers, sleds and ski boots.

Our personal favourites had to be the four-litre drinks towers. You can fill one of these with your choice of beer or cocktail and is perfect for sharing with a group… or just all for yourself.  With one of these on your table, you’ll be the envy of the bar, it just has to be done.

Heidi’s has got your back if the Ski trip was too expensive

Three floors of authentic alpine adventures really hit different after a winter in lockdown. With a bar and a dance floor on every floor, you really will want to spend your whole night here. Plus, the whole building is made to look like one giant, yet cosy, alpine cottage which will make you forget you’re in the centre of Cardiff.

No more cramming into one tiny stall with your mates

A loo review isn’t weird, we all know the toilets can make or break a night out. And in Heidi’s case, they definitely make it. There are disco balls, chandeliers and even two-person stalls so you and your bestie can keep the party going all night.

You really cannot miss the phenomenal art exhibit

This article would not be complete without including the insane reindeer murals in the bathroom. There really isn’t much to say about it and words would never do it justice. You’d have to go see it in person for the real experience, but until then we’ve got you covered.

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