This is what it was like being one of the lucky ones in the stadium for the Wales vs Scotland game

What a weekend to be Welsh

Last Saturday saw the Principality stadium hosting the second Welsh game of the Six Nations so far this year, and for Wales, it was not a disappointment.

The team, captained by Dan Biggar (lush!) won the tense game with the score 20-17, and so after a no-try, being told to shut up and spilling pints here’s a rundown of a Rugby Saturday in Cardiff.

Any seasoned Cardiff Uni student will tell you that St Mary’s street is the place to be on game day, whether you’re going to the stadium or not. The opposition fans will be flooding to the stadium, and red jerseys will be lining the bars up and down the street.

A couple of pints down, and we’re about to head over to the stadium, with 20 minutes to kick-off, mind you. We were starting to get quite nervous now. The loss to Ireland last week was heavy, and how many times have we been reminded Scotland managed to beat England’s streaks of wins against them?

It calls for more drinks

We’re in the Stadium, and our seats have the perfect view of the whole pitch, and some lovely glimpses of the Scottish team warming up. We managed to miss the start of the anthems trying to get drinks but walking into the last few seconds of what felt like the whole stadium singing Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau was like nothing we’ve ever heard before.

See also: more pints

One pint split, the less said about that the better, and we start to feel like maybe we won’t see Wales win today. Add insult to injury, they’ve shut the bars and we’re sobering up.

Tomas Francis scores a try, levelling it to 14-14. Never has a try given me so much anxiety before.

More penalties and we’re at 17-17. And then, out of nowhere if you were as many pints down as we were, Dan Biggar’s drop goal comes – its now 20-17 at 70 minutes.

The next ten minutes were so tense, we really were sober by the end of them. But at last 80 minutes rolls around and Wales have won the day. The stadium is alive once again and it’s cheers all round, this time no pints were spilled.

There should be a whole rundown of the night after that, but we really can’t remember what came next – more pints probably.

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