The end of expensive nights out is here: £1 drinks are back in Cardiff

£1 for a vodka coke? I’ll have four, thanks

Ever since drink prices went up, club nights have simply not been the same. Although, that might just be due to the little bug going around called coronavirus.

But fear not, because £1 drinks are back in Cardiff at Move Together’s brand new night out in Revolution: Tutti Frutti. Tuesday nights won’t ever be the same again with their cheap drinks and the perfect spot for a girls night out (Hello, all girls room)

£1 entry and £1 shots

Tickets for the night out can be bought through Skiddle and early release £1 tickets sell out at Wednesday at midnight. Still unsure if you can’t splash out on tickets for the next week? Well, a purchase of the ticket entitles you to a 6 shot stick, what more can you want?

I’ll have a six shot stick of the pear drop vodka, please

Who do we thank?

The night is run by the biggest student events operators Move Together, who are also in charge of Fight Night, Cardiff Met’s Half Time, Quids in, and so much more, and will be on every Tuesday night. Weeklong bender time? You’ve pretty much got a night out for every day of the week now. £1 singles aren’t all the club night is offering: £2 doubles, £1 shots and £5 buckets (also: Candy, our snacking problems have been solved.)

VIP for the night, thank you

Shot sticks aren’t enough, bring us the bottle

If the flavoured vodkas are too good to have as just a shot (well, because they are), maybe consider splashing out and getting a bottle. It’s worth it to see which of your friends don’t end up spilling it all over themselves, and it’s also the perfect prop for all your pictures. Besides, who can’t finish a whole bottle of Pornstar Martini flavoured vodka? Bring me eight.

If you’re lucky enough to snag yourself a VIP booth, the tutti girls will bring you three flavoured vodka bottles of your choice along with sparklers so everyone in the club knows you’re celebrating in style.

Mixers not essential

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