We’ve booked this date out: Smack’s very own festival is coming to Bute

Want to be part of the resistance? Get your tickets to the immersive festival ASAP

The long-established club night Smack will be launching its very own festival on May 1st 2022 in Bute Park.

Tickets will go on sale at 7pm on November 28th but if you’re feeling super keen, you can reserve tickets through their website now.

The festival celebrates their 10 year anniversary since they first started out at Glam Nightclub in 2010. After the break during the pandemic, the team decided to adjust their vision and transform the event into something even bigger and better than before.

Make sure you get festival tickets early on since they’ve sold out on big nights like Halloween and their 10th birthday.

Director Alex Chesterton-Matt said that Smack has always bridged the gap between underground events and more commercial student events: “That is the same gap we aim to bridge with our first festival.”

To give students and festival-goers an all-round experience, people can expect the best of drum and bass, house music, techno and cutting edge MOBO music.

Ready for a unique experience?

Meet the resistance

James, the Marketing Director, told The Cardiff Tab that the festival will be futuristic and fully immersive: “The whole event is going to play out through a storyline.”

The storyline will present a dystopian world where a superior artificial intelligence race, ‘The Administration’, have outlawed dancing and other kinds of fun. The festival will represent resistance against this AI race.

To be part of the storyline, ticket holders will become part of the movement to overthrow ‘The Administration’

The pink handprint symbolises the movement

The festival will play out across several innovative stages with their own theme and identity. Smack said that this would be more than just music in a field and to expect, “exciting, strange and unexpected activities.”

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