Clubbers of the week is finally here: These are Cardiff’s best halloween costumes

Halloween on a Sunday night? Painful

Halloweek is officially over which means it’s time to look back and sort through all our photoshoots. Luckily for you, we’ve got together a bunch of Cardiff’s absolute best halloween costumes of the year. After last years quiet night in, we were happy to get back to all of our favourite clubs in costumes made to impress – the effort was far from disappointing.

Comfort is everything

What it’s like when your friend says you’re going out for “one drink” so you rock up in your lamb onesie but then you’re there until close. Damnit Nicole, I’ve got a lecture at 9 am.

Honestly, the lighting is just way too bright. Normalise wearing sunglasses all the time

When they’re not praying, they’re getting their law degree. Iconic.

What we consider an essential buy flamingo

Flamingos drink strawberry and lime VKs.

Greggs Sausage Roll 

Obviously, it’s vegan.

First up, we’ve got our sausage rolls – essential after a night out and an important reminder to help the hangover the next morning. Brb going to buy this costume and then a Greggs.

You’re a wizard Harry x5 

Apparently quite a few people got their Hogwarts letter this Yoloween.

 Saving the SU one VK at a time

Can anyone tell me why Captain America is wearing a bib?

Sick of having VKs thrown at you? Tired of slipping on empty bottles on the floor? Well, your time to rest has come, because of the overwhelming amount of VKs, we’ve not got one Captain America but two!

The Jamaican Bobsled Team went to Juice…

…and we are happy to confirm the sled did make it home safely. We can all rest easy now.

Three blind mice, have you ever seen such a thing in your life? 

Rumour has it they’re still trying to find the queue for the SU.

Mario M.I.A 

That awkward moment when the mutual friend leaves you both alone. At least they both do Biomedical Sciences at Cardiff Met together, might make the situation somewhat more bearable?

A Christmas Tree and a Pig… because why not? 

Halloween’s over so it’s definitely time to put the christmas decorations up. Alexa, play Last Christmas on repeat for the next 54 days.

R.E.S.T.E.C.P the Commitment

As Ali G says, Two words, Keep it real. If you’re lucky, they might be spotted in first year English lectures (but you didn’t hear it from us)

He’s a rocket man 

No one can hear you scream in the silent disco

Final year sociology student or a special guest from outer space?

Aliens drink green VKs and we are loving the coordination, even if we all know it should be orange.

Squid game or lobsters?

Nothing quite like getting an up-to-date current costume and then have a random aggressive cat come and call you a lobster. Is that a crab pose?

We’ve loved seeing everyone’s halloween costumes. Remember to send in your pictures from your club nights out to be featured in our next clubbers of the week article.

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